Right now *November 2014*

Since I got back to my working schedule in September, right after our wedding, I've been super busy with work. It's been hard to find time for myself, Damien and our families and I have to admit that I've been eager to try other hobbies, as Scrapbooking has become my full time job and needed to do "something else". Guess what? I learnt how to knit! :)

Yes! I can knit now!

Well, slow down, friends. I only know two different stitches for now, but I got to make THREE SNOODS! *insert proud smile here*

I've been eager to try knitting for a while now, but I thought it would be so difficult. Most of women around here knit (my mom, my grnadmas, some of my friends) and I had this vision that it would be so hard. Well, again, I only know three stitches but I got to learn with videos and kits, thanks to We Are Knitters ! I ordered my my very first Snood kit from them, watched their videos and there ya go!

Since then, I ordered 5 or 6 wool balls to knit "stuff", fell in love (and ordered) that blanket kit (on honey). I've been keeping an eye on this sweater too. And this one too.

Anyway, if Knitting is your thing, and, like me, you're a newbie that can't wait to get started, try it! And I've got a special offer for you! Get 10€ off your first order if you click on the link below! They ship worldwide!

So November is definitely a Knitting kind of month for me, discovering new hobbies and textures I wasn't familiar with. LOVE THAT. I also got new outfits from one of my favorite brands, Boden (so addicted to them), a new pair of shoes from Sézane, Fall is definitely here and I love its colors, a brand new vintage typewriter and some awesome moments with my sweet husband (even though he's been pretty busy at the moment.

All photos were taken with my Lumia 930 and edited with Photoshop for Windows Phone.

What about you? How's your November like?