23.08.2014 - the day I got married - getting dress + EMOTION :)

WARNING : this post may make you cry! Get yourself a cup of tea, a little bit of music (I took care of that with some music from one of my favorite french artists, below) and, of course, a tissue, just in case! I've got some more photos from our wedding photographers, the talented  photographies, who will never stop to amaze me. Have you checked their blog and seen this amazing photoshoot they did with my friend Anne-Lise? Simply beautiful!

Today, I would like to show you my Bride accessories, when I got dressed and the moment, the second my dad saw me in my gown (that's when you should need the tissue).

When you get married, you need to find a wedding gown, but also your shoes, your jewelry, the way you're gonna get your hair done, your make-up, without even talking about the Reception menu, music and such...

I found my wedding dress within a day. We got an appointment in a showroom in the morning, but after a few hours spent laughing at the hideous dresses I tried on, we had a nice lunch and went to another wedding shop for some more wedding dress. I found my dress over at Cymbeline's, where I tried 5 different dresses and the first one was the one. It was called Agathe. I love her. Yes. HER. She went through a lot during that day (two days actually) but she had a good life. Full of happiness, emotion and unconditional love.

I bought some amazing sparkling gold shoes from Boden, and some Coral flip-flops from Havaianas :)

I got some pearl earrings from Agatha, and a necklace I got from my friend Zaza and my parents.

Enough of blah blah, here are some photos...

A little bit of French music for you, my friends - Mathieu Chedid is one of my most favorite French singers of all time. BIG fan here :)

For my bouquet, I absolutely wanted Succulents! I asked my hometown Florist (La Cave Fleurie) to make two similar bouquets for our wedding : a big one for me, and a smaller version of it to throw away to the single ladies. I created three different frames I added to my bouquet, with a photo of my sister Barbara and my two grandfathers. All three passed away years ago and I thought I would create something to see their sweet faces that day too.

Time to dress, Céline!

La Cave Fleurie Ok ladies, get your tissue out! This is the moment my father saw me in my Wedding Dress for the first. He got SO emotional. Like a volcano erupting with tears, all teared appart between joy and sadness and fear and happiness. It was heartbreaking but yet happy at the same time. Just in case you want to cry some more, feel free to watch (again?) the video our friend Ev from Only An Instant Photography made

My fear, before I got married, was that this day would be sad, too over-emotional, because my sister passed away and wouldn't be there with me. I cried when my Dad saw me (because HE cried) but I was feeling SO good that day that I only cried that moment. All the love you get that day erases the sadness and, in the end, I knew SHE WAS EVERYWHERE with me. With us.

I'm thinking about those of us who got married or those of you who will get married soon, who lost someone we love and feel so sad because that person won't be there for the wedding. DO NOT FEAR : they are ALWAYS with us. All around us. And inside us. In our hearts :)

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