23.08.2014 - the day Damien got married - getting dressed + moments with friends

Hey there! It's been a while since I haven't blogged about our wedding and our photos :)

Today, I'd like to show you the photo shoot of Damien's first part of the day. The Groom. THE MAN. The second rockstar of the weekend, besides the Bride (oh-erm...me, yes.).

We were lucky, SO VERY LUCKY that our photographers, the WOP , were BOTH available (they're husband & wife), so that we could each have one photographer to spend the morning with. That means I have awesome photos of when I got dressed and so does Damien.

Damien spent the morning at the hairdresser & barber, with his cousin and friends. The hairdressing salon is called Cut My Bangs : it's a gorgeous vintage place, in the old Montpellier, and was just PERFECT for the photoshoot. Then, the guys went to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Burger & Blanquette.

Like my other WEDDING posts, I have come up with a special playlist on Spotify...in fact, Damien did that one and I stole it - it's from his American Bachelor party playlist. Yup. This man spent 10 days in the US with 5 friends for his Bachelor Party :)

The Burger & Blanquette restaurant also has a vintage kind of look, with AWESOME cuisine : you can find BURGERS on one menu (with fresh french fries - yuuum... oh and Fernando, one of Damien's friends, who is from LA, found it funny that we eat burgers with a fork and a knife here!). On the other menu, you can find traditonnal French cuisine, such as Blanquette de Veau, Tajine, Salads (my favorite? the Ceasar salad. Pure yumminess).

You can see that everyone is having an awesome time on the photos :)

Now it's time to drive back home and get ready! :)

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