My Garden Girls Weekly Review

I haven't had a chance to comment how sad and devastated I have been since we heard about TwoPeas closing. I can't even describe you how sad I am. I was traveling all over the United States when the announcement was made and I couldn't blog much while I was there.

Here I am, at home, reading about how people get upset, sad, angry, happy, relieved and all other different emotions about all this. Me? I'm sad. Sad because I have loved every single second as a Garden Girl. Sad because it is the end of an era.

But fortunately, our hobby isn't over yet. Well, it never will. As long as we have people like YOU, like US, to tell our MEMORIES, we will all continue on scrapbooking.

Today, I would like to show you a weekly review of what my fellow Garden Girls have been up to these days - feel free to follow their blogs and social media! Let's never break this community and let's all continue to inspire each other!