My Pinterest TOP 5 Favorite Wedding Bouquets

With our Wedding approaching super fast (August 23rd), all the details being almost ready, I went to my local flower shop to see what kind of bouquet I wanted for our wedding.

Pinterest being a HUGE source of inspiration (and impossible dreams, like thinking you can have peonies here in the South of France at the end of August) when it comes to ANYTHING creative, weddings are HUGE on Pinterest. And, of course, I had to make my own Pinterest Wedding board.

  1. Bouquet #1
  2. Bouquet #2
  3. Bouquet #3

I had my iPad with me for my rendez-vous with the Flower shop guy and these were my inspiration for my own bouquet.

Things I didn't want : 

  • a round bouquet. I don't know why, I don't like bouquets to be perfectly perfect, means round
  • red roses
  • a white bouquet

Things I was dreaming of and couldn't get : 

  • peonies
  • plumeria (the only places in France you can find those are in our French islands in the Indian Ocean, like La Réunion, or even in New Caledonia. And, for your information, I live in Provence, South of France)
  • blue flowers that I like

Things I'm going to get : 

  • red roses (!!!)
  • coral roses
  • succulents (yay!)
  • a beautiful elegant and yet "champetre" like kind of bouquet

It's funny when you are pretty sure you don't want red roses and you end up saying to your flower shop guy "oh yeah, they would like amazing in there!" :) I'm pretty easy-going, and when it comes to flowers and being creative in that field, I certainly trust my Flower shop guy when he tells me what he thinks.

Anyway, I have another appointment with him on Tuesday to set everything up.

This is exciting.

What about you? Would you share a picture of your Wedding Bouquet? I'm curious! :)