In love with my Lumia 1020

Since I switched from an iPhone to a Nokia Lumia 1020, all I can say is that my cellphone photography quality has definitely increased. I mean, you switch from 5M to 41M pixels! And you can work manually with your phone!

I love this video taken by Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic amazing photographer, who made this video & photos only with his Lumia...

Here are some photos I took with my Lumia and you can see more on my Instagram account.

If you've been hesitating on purchasing a Nokia Lumia, I just want to tell you that you won't regret it - it's amazing! 

Oh and yes! You can get the A Beautiful Mess App and Adobe Photoshop Express, which totally ROCKS!

Switch to Lumia! ^^

Switch to Lumia! ^^

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