DIY - Make your own CHALKBOARD frame

Here's a fun and easy tutorial : recycle an old wooden frame into a modern CHALKBOARD! 

You'll need : 

I used American Crafts BLACK Chalkboard paint, but can you imagine such project using RED, GREEN or GREY Chalkboard paints? So much fun! And it even exists in Yellow and Blue ! But you can also find tons of colors from Martha Stewart as well!

What is the most important with this paint is that you need to add several layers to the board. At least two. I added three layers, letting each layer dry 24hrs in between.

Clean your frame with a paper towel.

Then sand it.

Clean again.

Pour the paint all over the frame and use your brush to spread.

Let the paint dry 24hrs and then add a second layer (and a third, 24hrs later, if needed).

Once my board was dry, I added masking tape around the edges.

Rub a Chalkboard pencil all over your board : that will prepare your background and prevent the pencil to mark permanently on the board.

And voilà!

This is my board with our wedding menu! It was standing on an easel, in the middle of our reception room.