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There's no question about it: your story matters.

And there's no easier, faster, or more satisfying way to tell your story than through quizzes and questions!

Introducing Quizapalooza, a 5-week interactive workshop that makes it simple to share meaningful stories in your scrapbooks, journals, and Project Life albums—or even via your blog or social media channels. 

Your instructor, Angie Lucas, has carefully curated more than 180 questions to help you capture fascinating tidbits about all areas of your life, including: 

Who: The People You Love

What: Objects, Ideas & Experiences

When: Past, Present & Future

Where: Places that Matter

Why: Reasons & Explorations


Who is ready to uncover memories you haven't thought about in years? What important stories will you tell that would otherwise never see the light of day? When will you take the time to capture these important details of your life? Why not now?

You'll love the weekly videos, the 20 quiz-based layout examples from Angie and her contributors, and all the fill-in-the-blanks quizzes and question cards—each available in 3 printable sizes and PNG files, too.

Write on!

More infos about the class here.

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