We couldn't hold in our excitement anymore...The new 6x8 Handbooks and 9x12 albums will be available for purchase in our shop tomorrow!! You'll be able to grab your favorite colors so you can be ready for a wonderful year of crafting. Subscribers, we are getting ready to ship your preorders too!

Colors Available for 9x12" Albums (numbers correspond to photo below):

1. Woodgrain Cloth

2. Black Cloth

3. Linen Cloth

4. Gold Patent Leather

5. White Patent Leather

6. Clean Slate Cloth

Colors Available for 6x8" Handbooks:

7. Black Cloth

8. Woodgrain Cloth

In addition to the albumsmultipacks of page protectors will be available in the shop tomorrow as well, while supplies last!

And - there's more news - be sure to check back around Reveal on January 27 to purchase plenty of the page protectors that match your crafting style. Individual packs of the new page protectors will be available in our shop the week of Reveal. They each contain 10 protectors, and there are plenty of designs available! Try one you've never tried before!

Your albums will come with a selection of protectors to get you started too. For the 9x12 albums, you will receive 2 each of 4 designs:

  • Full 9x12 sheet
  • 3x4 grid (total of 9 pockets)
  • 3x3 grid (total of 12 pockets)
  • Five 3x4's with two 4x6's (total of 7 pockets)

For 6x8 albums you'll get 2 each of 5 designs::

  • Full 6x8 sheet
  • 2x2 grid (total of 12 pockets)
  • 3x4 grid (total of 4 pockets)
  • Two 3x4's and one 4x6 (total of 3 pockets)
  • Two 4x6's (total of 2 pockets

Normal shop item shipping rates will apply with purchase of albums and protectors. Questions about shipping fees can be found on our FAQs page.