Mini Books. BIG Style Self-Paced class is BACK!

I am SO happy and SO excited to offer this class again in 2015!
Last year, over at Two Peas in A Bucket, I came up with this BIG inspiring class about Mini Books and would like to give a chance to those who didn't sign up back then, and have another opportunity to learn MORE about making your own mini books and playing with different mediums!

What is this class about? Mini Books, of course. 6 different chapters, 6 different Mini Books styles, with videos, step-by-step instructions, techniques and more.

It's a self-paced class, with 6 chapters & 6 in-depth videos and their PDFs. You'll be able to learn how to dye fabric, play with gesso and modeling paste, dry embossing and create fun textures for your mini books and many more...for only $25!
Each video focuses on one mini book and shows you how to create it, it's $4,16 for each Mini book lesson!

Check out the class schedule here for more informations on what you're going to learn.