WEEK IN THE LIFE 2015 | My finished album

I am proud and happy to announce that I finally caught up on my Week in the Life 2015 project! And I am so happy and proud and absolutely in LOVE with it!

It took me a while to catch up : other assignments, life and being pregnant got in the way but there was no way I would let this project down this year as I really wanted to succeed. Documenting more vs. being artsy has been very important these days. Might have something to do with a baby coming soon and the importance of storytelling.

Here's a quick list of kit/products I used for my album : 

Let's have a closer look at this album now!

I REALLY loved those 3x8" pockets opening each new day of the week! Definitely thinking about purchasing some extra ones for my December Daily 2015 (can I say I am SO excited about this project too?).

You can see I used a lot of Ali Edwards Digital brushes and templates as well : I can't help it, they are awesome. I used the Week in The Life 6x8 templates 2 a lot in my album.

Some pockets have 4x6 vellum cards that I cut into vellum paper. It allows some transparency and see-through effect from one page to another - I think it's kinda cool.

Some inks and easy Mixed Media techniques were involved in my album - there are some things I can't help.

I liked to mix color and B&W photos in my album. 

I am so happy I got to document this special week of vacation in August. I can't thank Ali Edwards enough for guiding us through the entire process, coming up with such a fantastic project and building such a cool community (LOVED following everyone's adventures on Instagram and Facebook). Looking forward to December Daily now!

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