A little bit of KNITTING into our Home Decor with Stitch & Story

Since I've been knitting (since a few months. I still consider myself a beginner), I've been eyeing every single yarn ball on the internet, collecting ideas on a notebook, thinking about possible future projects, ordering yarn online and pinning hundreds of images on Pinterest and on Ravelry...

When the girls over at Stitch & Story asked me to test one of their kits, I accepted right away. After juggling between two-three different projects (one of them is Caroline's awesome trendy chale I'm still working on), I am happy to tell you that I finished the cushion yesterday! Here's the cute Kingley Cushion Cover kit.

When you start working on such a project and still are a beginner, reading the instructions can make you feel a little bit stupid, simply because you don't know how to read it. But the instructions are very well written, very clear, and after reading it a couple of times to understand it, I got it and got started. And then, it was SO easy!

They have amazing videos on their website as well that help you learn new stitches and can definitely help you move forward on your knitting projects.

I changed the back of the cushion a bit. Once you understand how easy a stitch is, you feel like you want to do this one forever!

I think I'm going to add three little wooden buttons on the back, and then it'll be totally finished.

I LOVED knitting this project. The instructions were perfectly written and totally understandable for a beginner. The packaging is PERFECT, soft, classy, beautiful (I mean, black on kraft...LOVE IT).

Everything is included in their kits, from the yarn (it is soooo soft and lovely), wooden needles, instructions, needle to sew your finished project, a booklet to see their other kits.

I invite you to check their amazing website and follow them on Social Medias for inspiring and, why not, start to learn knitting!

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Sponsorship compensation for this post was provided by Stitch & Story. Opinions expressed here are my own. I only work with brands I like and that fit my style because it gives me more freedom and fun! ^^