Here's one of my favorite online classes so far. You guys know how messy I can get when it comes to creating. I mean, I love gesso, paints, watercolor, modeling paste, experimenting with new products, trying new techniques and playing with different textures. Well, that's what I did for this class.

5 WAYS TO USE GESSO is a self-paced class with videos, challenges, and TWO layouts per chapters, which will all teach you, inspire you, challenge you to use GESSO in different ways.

I love every single layout I created for this class. I'm not trying to sell you the class as the BEST I could ever dream of doing, even though I'm getting really close, but it's not only about techniques. It's about colors, textures, experimenting and trying new things. Oh. and PLAYING.

One thing I LOVE about the class is seeing what all the students have come up so far - simply stunning! Here's a small selection of the students gallery! Sorry, I can't tell which layout belong to whom, but personnal message to my students : you GUYS rock it all!

And here are the reviews those students (THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to write a review, means A LOT to me) wrote about the class...(click on image to open bigger)...

Whenever you sign up, you'll have immediate access and FOREVER access to the 5 WAYS TO USE GESSO class - isn't that cool?!!! Join us in the fun! 

And for those of you who took the class, plan on taking it or are taking it at the right second I am typing this : JOIN ME on the Big Picture Classes website (in the classroom live chat room) on August 4th at 11am EST for a one-hour LIVE CHAT! We'll discuss about gesso, techniques, colors, textures and more, and I'll be more than happy to reply all of your questions!