DUBLIN, Ireland | Walking around the city

I went to Dublin, Ireland, back in 2009, for Scrapbook classes. I LOVED the city and loved the people I got to meet there. The whole Scrapbook classes were awesome, even though the airline I was travelling with lost my suitcases with my projects inside, on my way to Dublin. UGH! Imagine teaching a class without your project! That was the only time that happened to me, I always travel with my projects WITH me now! But everything turned out great and I had a blast!

I managed to stay in Dublin a couple of extra days. I wanted to visit the city as I have always been attracted by Ireland and its capital city : being born on March 17th, Saint PAtrick's Day, helps you get close to a culture (even if it's because you celebrate your birthday in an Irish pub every year to get free beer...humhum...).

I was amazed how safe and clean the city was. 

I got to visit the Temple Bar neighborhood, got to eat at Chameleon which was lovely, visited the Dublin Castle (beautiful!), and I especially LOVED the Christ Church Cathedral.

I stayed at the Jurys Inn hotel, which was very good and in a very good location.

I also visited places like Saint Patrick Cathedral, walked by O'Connell street, Trinity Collage and more.

I wish I could go back and spend more time in the city. Damien and I are thinking about going on a road trip in Ireland in the upcoming years : I soooo want to discover this stunning country! :)