Already in LOVE with my THIS IS GROUND Mod Laptop 2

I've been eyeing This is Ground products for a long time and never got the chance to actually purchase anything from them...YET. A couple of days ago, they did a HUGE sale : you just spend $100 and receive a box worth of products from $200 to $500, without really knowing what is inside. One box out of 5 get a Mod Tablet/Laptop/Mobile. I thought "maybe Ill be lucky!" and knowing that all of their products are amazing, I purchased that box and got it today! 


I GOT A MOD LAPTOP 2!!!!! WORTH $499! Someone pinches me! Along with a bunch of other goodies! I think my box is worth wayyyy more than $500! I am over the moon!

I am absolutely in AWE with the quality of the leather, its smell and how perfect the finitions are. I am going to take care of that baby so much and it'll be perfect when I hit the road again! 

I put my iPad in there but you can easily fit a MacBook in there or smaller laptop.

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