• Are you (or someone close to you) sensitive for stimulants around you which results into either a hyper/ active mood or do you cut yourself of from the world around you? 
  • Are your fears and negative feelings so intense that it is taking up all of your thoughts and you becoming more anxious and start to panic? 
  • Have you got difficulties focusing in school, can't sit still and is your concentration just not there, even when you are trying your hardest? 
  • Would your rather stay in bed because your thoughts are negative and your emotions are all over the place? 
  • Are you tired all the time, even after a good night's rest?

Young Living Essential Oils developed a range of oils to help support people that experience these kinds of feelings/difficulties, so they can have a more pleasant and quality of life.

Do you recognize yourself or perhaps your child(ren), than do take part in our Online Event this weekend! Who knows, we might be able to give you your positive vibe back through a natural alternative!

I hope you will come and have a look at what it is all about and see if you feel it could help you and/or your family.

This Saturday, from 10.00 am we will be going live. Would you like to read along and watch a few video's from people who tell their experiences or perhaps you have got a specific question to ask, you can do all that for free during this Event.

You can pop in / out whenever it is convenient for you during the entire weekend!

Let me know via pm, leave a comment below or any other well known Social Media links and I will add you this great Event!