A few months ago, when I was still pregnant, if someone would have told me I would be happily using Essential Oils on a daily basis, I would have said "well...yeah...hmph *insert laugh here* I used essential oils every now and then back in the days, but I didn't know you could use it for everything. Anyway.

A year ago, I saw that a lot of my Scrapbooking friends were talking about Essential Oils often on their Facebook and Instagram and, I have to be honest, that annoyed me SO Much. I mean, ok, it seems to be good but still, I wasn't really interested. At ALL, should I say.

Then, I got pregnant.

And our company went upside.

And our lives got upside down.

And depression arrived.

Happiness and love were definitely feelings we were feeling everyday as we were super happy and lucky to expect our first, but it was then followed by fear, cries of not being able to face the truth : 2015 was going to be tough. 

We stopped our company and it was very difficult money-wise. It took Damien 6 months to find a job, I was lucky to have Scrapbooking projects to work on, even though heavy fatigue and depression were hitting hard, I missed on deadlines, struggled with creativity, felt like every single layout I was doing looked like crap. Yes, friends, I felt that way.

Stopping our company and feeling depressed were two reasons some of our "friends" turned their back on us. "No more "fame" and lots of cries? Well, no thanks, we'd better go." And then comes sadness. And anger.

I was definitely searching for a way to help me physically with my digestive issues and restless leg syndrom during my pregnancy, but definitely ready to get up and fight. I'm like that : I fall and I get up. Stronger. Fiercer. And then the oils helped me. Like, TONS. Read the whole story here.

Now, with a 4 and a half month old baby, hearing all the bad stuff big companies put in our food and everyday products, I am so ready to go natural. If I can skip medication, I do. Of course, if I feel very sick or if Salomé does, we go straight to the doctor.

After I ordered my first Premium Starter Kit, I realized that the oils were working wonders. And I tested them. For my breathing issues, for skin problems, for allergies, for digestion, but I was still skeptical about how they could help me feel better. But they did. I followed the protocole and they did. Amazingly. I talked about it on my blog, shared my love for them, and two months after I joined, I got a check in the mail, worth 81€. I was told it was because I shared on my blog and someone ordered. What?! ok. I talked about it with Corinne, friend and sponsor, and she convinced me to join the business side of Young Living, I said, “why not?” and joined her team. It turns out I joined such a successful and extremely educational team. I'm so lucky to say that I'm part of the Lemon Droppers, one of Young Living most successful and amazing bunch of ladies, with an access to education + marketing coaching simply amazing.

Sharing how much I love the oils wasn't hard. The hardest to me was to hear what other people had to say. They hadn't tried the oils and they would post skeptical posts about it. I mean, I was skeptical too, but how can you judge a product or even a person without even trying? But anyway, I talked about it, every now and then, on my personal FB page, Instagram and a couple of blog posts. I was already a believer and felt like I had to convince. But I was wrong. They would be convinced if they give a try to the oils. If not, never mind. And I was ok with that.

Ok now let me tell you how it went for the last couple of months.


I signed up and ordered my Premium Starter kit at the beginning of October, after talking with Corinne and the fact that I wanted to get rid of my digestion problems and restless leg syndrom due to my pregnancy. I was 8 months pregnant. As time went by, it appeared that the oils were working wonders for my legs and stomach, so I asked advises to my sponsor for lack of happiness and energy AKA depression. I ordered them and then, I started to feel way better. Happier. I then experimented the oils for headaches, allergies, pain, stress, coughs, tummyaches, and Damien's skin problems. I got to discover that I was already using them in a daily basis. And I talked about it with friends, with family, and my blog. I had no intention at that time, to start doing the business side of it. I was ready to take a break from Scrapbooking and classes, but had no idea I would be guided to do such a business. But the more you love the oils, the more you share your love for them. And I blogged about it.


End of December, I got a check from Young Living, worth a little bit over 80€. What?! Wait. What the heck was I receiving money for? I asked Corinne. She told me I blogged about it and got commissions out of it. COOL. Then I was like "Ok...maybe I should get a look into the business side of this". I've been an entrepreneur almost my whole life, so why not? I was curious. I talked about it with my sponsor, she told me her story, how wonderful the Lemon Droppers team was, all the educational content we had access to in order to help people the best way possible.

So I thought I would give it a try. January 2016 would be my first month doing the business and I had a couple of weeks left in December to study, read blogs, watch videos and learn the best I could about Young Living EOs.


I worked hard. I studied hard. I gave myself 100% in this. And I was AMAZED by the results!

  • 33 new members

  • rank level achieved - Executive

  • commission average for being Executive - 600-800€ - per YL’s policy, I cannot post my actual paycheck, but I FAR exceeded this range

WOW! That was FAAAAR from what I expected! I was soooo ready for a new month! 


February started fast, with new members signing up, new online classes, new Facebook groups. Corinne went to visit end of January and it was the extra boost I needed to get me going!

I worked a lot on this, training new business members, and translating a lot of documents into French so that my customers and team members can access to Young Living awesome products and training without the language barrier.

February brought a nice commission check as well, which got me excited about March!

  • 15 new members

  • rank level achieved - Executive

  • commission average for being Executive - 600-800€

MARCH 2016

  • 19 new members

  • rank level achieved - Executive

  • commission average for being Executive - 600-800€

APRIL 2016

  • 11 new members

  • rank level achieved - Executive

  • commission average for being Executive - 600-800€

AND GUESS WHAT?!! I won the Young Living European Challenge and am going in Croatia in 2 WEEKS for FREE!!! wooohoooo! EDITED --> Here are some photos from the trip!

MAY 2016

I GOT SILVER! I GOT SILVER!!! Not Silver in 6, like the Si6 program : SILVER IN 4!!! SOOO HAPPY! I will edit this post as soon as I receive my Aroma Complete gift! YAY!

  • 30 new members

  • rank level achieved - SILVER

  • commission average for being SILVER - 1500-2500€

I don't know yet how much my commissions are going to be in May, as we know exactly the amount around the 20th the month after. But I know that, from Silver being, it's going to be GOOD!

MY GOALS for the upcoming months

Continue to grow my business team. Get to Silver before this Summer. Gold before the end of the year. Win some free trips. Learn more and more about the oils. Continue to learn how to get a healthier life. Coaching, educating, creating beautiful contents for upcoming events. Yes. All of this.

The keys to success in this kind of business are WORK + NETWORK. Bloggers and Scrapbookers have that. Not only the products are amazing, bring you a healthier lifestyle and get you through a whole new level of self accomplishment, but the way we work, Lemon Droppers, is just awesome : we work as a TEAM. We SHARE. We COMMUNICATE. We are HONEST. And we LOVE our oils. Truely. Deeply. 

Scrapbookers are mostly moms and they always seek, like I did, a healthier way to take care of their families. Young Living products are pure and there's no chemical, pesticide, herbicide in the oils, which makes the products 100% trustable to use with moms, preggers, babies and kids. Of course, that doesn't mean they get rid of medication or doctors, actually, they need to keep up with a doctor when they get very sick.

Scrapbookers and bloggers know how to share. They don't sell products : they SHARE. And that's what WE DO, Lemon Droppers. When you want to purchase oils from Young Living, we advise you, guide you, take your hand and help you choose the best oils for you and your loved ones. You won't buy the oils from us. Nope. We are your personal OIL assistant, that's it. Before you buy. When you buy. And especially AFTER you buy.

How many Scrapbookers or bloggers get paid for sharing? A few of them. Well, here, they will. It can become just a every now and then job, and they get commissions for that. It can also become a huge opportunity if they work hard for it : team work, new friendships, great compensation plan, new ranks to achieve, incentives, gifts, free trips and more. Not even mentioning the better lifestyle thanks to the products. THAT is the best.

My business team for now has bloggers, scrapbookers, photographers, but they are all women. Moms seeking a better lifestyle. We all are seeking a better lifestyle. And the oils help us achieve that. They are good, people.

You have the network. Young Living has the products that speak for themselves. It's all about sharing your love for it. 

I'll be happily updating this post every month to keep you updated about my goals, achievements and new adventures ahead :)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at : celineyoungliving@gmail.com 

If you are excited about joining our team, check out my Young Living blog for that!


Do you have to sell Young Living to be a distributor?

No. You can just buy Young Living essential oils for yourself and receive 24% off the retail price. No obligations to sell products or sign up for anything you don't want. Most of our members only buy oils for themselves and family members, whether it is once a year or every month when they sign up for the Essential Rewards Program.

Do you have to be a blogger to join your Young Living team?

No. Whether you are a teacher, stay-at-home moms (a lot in our team!), reflexology teacher, yoga teacher or scrapbooker, you can do this! Actually, anyone can do this! I often hear people say "oh I'm not a good seller!" Well, that's good because we're not selling :) We're sharing.

Aren’t MLMs (Multi-level Marketing) just pyramid schemes?

No. Pyramid scheme companies actually don't offer physical products to buy, while we do offer stunning products, from essential oils to energy drinks, from healthy snacks to diet supplements. The business side is totally optional, too.

How much time are you really spending on the business side of YL daily?

Depends. The more I work on it, the better my paycheck and team member size are growing. I have to say that I mainly spend 2-3 hrs a day on average, sometimes less, sometimes more. I balance this with taking care of my daughter and working on Scrapbooking commitments and deadlines.

How much can you make per month at the very top level?

At Royal Crown Diamond, you can make over $100,000 a month in commission. This isn’t a joke. Take a look at the compensation potential per Young Living.

Do you have to use the oils to have a successful Young Living business?

Well, I would say yes. How can you share your love for a product you don't actually use? We talked about honesty here. I highly recommend you try the oils, learn to use and love them, and then you'll definitely want to join our team :)

Why should you join the Oil Over the World / Lemon Droppers team rather than other Young Living teams?

I'm not saying the other teams are less interesting. But we, at Oil Over the World and the Lemon Droppers, have developed a true philosophy about using and sharing the oils. It's sane, fun and crazy exciting. 

  • you'd have access to numerous FB groups to learn, share and train yourself to be as successful as our Lemon Droppers leaders

  • monthly online classes

  • incentives among our own team

  • new friendships and personal coaching with me and our Lemon Droppers groups

  • access to stunning graphics and contents for your own business

  • tricks and tips on how to get successful in this business

  • gifts from me :)

  • one-on-one coaching lessons if needed

How do I get started?

Visit our website here and feel free to contact me at celineyoungliving@gmail.com if you have any other questions . We’ll even throw in some fun gifts when you order your Premium Starter Kit and welcome you in to our groups on Facebook.