Here a not so easy post to do, after all, talking about something you LOVE, are passionate abut and is also your business. I was inspired by Corinne Delis to write and share what's going on in my life lately. Yes it's a business but I have to be honest on one point : there is no way I could do this if I wasn't 100% IN LOVE with my Young Living essential oils and 100% sure they were the best out there. I have been working in the Scrapbooking industry for over 10 years and it's been the same : every time I shared a video using products, taught a class with products, blogged about a layout using products, I talked about THOSE products because I LOVED them. Working for Studio Calico? Simply because they rock and so do their products. Blogging about a Ali Edwards Design layout? Yep. LOVING her products as well. Yep. And I have been paid for most of my Scrapbook work for companies. Same for my Young Living business. I love those products and it's all about sharing and wanting YOu to experience what I have been experiencing with them.

A few months ago, when I was still pregnant, if someone would have told me I would be happily using Essential Oils on a daily basis, I would have said "well...yeah...hmph *insert laugh here* I used essential oils every now and then back in the days, but I didn't know you could use it for everything. Anyway.

A year ago, I saw that a lot of my Scrapbooking friends were talking about Essential Oils often on their Facebook and Instagram and, I have to be honest, that annoyed me SO Much. I mean, ok, it seems to be good but still, I wasn't really interested. At ALL, should I say.

Then, I got pregnant.

And our company went upside.

And our lives got upside down.

And depression arrived.

(you can read my whole experience here )

After I ordered my first Premium Starter Kit, I realized that the oils were working wonders. And I tested them. For my breathing issues, for skin problems, for allergies, for digestion, but I was still skeptical about how they could help me feel better. But they did. I followed the protocole and they did. Amazingly. I talked about it on my blog, shared my love for them, and two months after I joined, I got a check in the mail, worth 81€. Well HELLO?! I asked Corinne what it was and she said "you shared, you earned". Ok. LOVE that. Now let's see what if I REALLY work for it. That was end of December.

And since then, here is what has been happening (and it's crazy) ***updated April 2017*** :

- I have helped people I love and people I don't know thanks to the oils and I love that
- I get emails every week in which I can read "THANK YOU" and oooh the feelings...
- I started really working on the business side in January and hit Executive that month
- I've achieved Silver in 6 in 4 months (May 2016) and have +380 members in my downline
- I have people from the US, Brazil, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France in my team already
- I won a FREE one-week trip to Croatia with Young Living and won the 1st prize for Best Kit Enroller for beginning of 2016!
- my salary so far is pretty good I must say :)
- I am helping people have a better and healthier lifestyle
- I love that I can be at home with Salomé and organize myself how I want (even though I truely need to organize myself way better)

- I won a free Young Living cruise for TWO in April 2017! See my instagram for recent pictures!

- I won the Beauty School European incentive and going there in May 2017!

And you know my greatest JOY/VICTORY? My mom used to be awake all night and now she sleeps, thanks to the oils. And that, my friends, is a victory, as she used to take them since my sister passed away. You know what made me cry? When she said "ooooh I dream now". Goosebumps. And that is my reward for doing this business. And I want the world to know YL essential oils are the best, that they havent just changed my life, our family life, but also other people's lives with whom I get in touch every week.

I've been talking with excitement and passion about the oils with everyone I know, not everyone get it, not everyone understand the awesome business opportunities, and I get it, but still...girls... think about it. You'd be able to work at home, at Starbucks, at your parent's around Christmas time, in your garden, in an airport. You can take care of your family because you're home but also because you'll earn enough money to take care of them too. I'll take care of you. I'll be your coach when you need to learn something, I'll be your friend when you struggle, I'll be your worst nightmare when you need a kick in the a$$, I'll be your boss when you work like crazy and be rewarded with love, friendship and gifts :)

It can be done part-time next to your job, or fulltime, you decide. I am looking for women, bloggers, scrapbookers, creative minds, moms, sisters, friends... men are welcome to join too! Age is no issue as long as you are above 18 years old and it doesn’t matter where you live on this planet. Of course you have to have a heart for what the company stands for, which is living a healthier lifestyle with pure natural products. You introduce people to the products from Young Living, you guide are NOT selling the oils!!! If you have your own company where you could easily implement these products (think of masseuse, (kid)coach, salon owner, etc) ask me more about how you can start using these products in your business. You do not have to invest a lot of money to get your business started, it is mostly time and attention. You can send me an PM or email me to or tag someone you think might find this interested.

The only bad thing here is that you'll be stuck with me forever once you sign up :)