New goals, resolutions, new dreams : it’s time to think abot those same old, same old, right!? Well…I do!

I’ve been planning, thinking, bainstorming, dreaming about new goals and what I want to change/modify/keep in 2018, what about you?

2017 has been WONDERFUL professionally speaking : I grew my team like never before, reched the rank of Gold last month, travelled a lot thanks to my job, and I know exactly what I want to do and where I want to go! 2018 will mean LOTS of travels again (2 trips to the US planned for sure, Prague, La Réunion island…), lots of team retreats, MORE blogging (which I’m SUPER excited about!).

On the other hand, like everytime I get caught up in the passion for my work whirldwind, I forget myself. 2018 will mean back to a diet and back to the gym, which I love and missed, so I’m pretty excited about that. Things that excite me less is that it will be less sleep and less work, but once and for all, I need to NOT forget myself again. Focus on ME. Again. I tend to forget about me. Do you?

Well now…What about YOU? What are your resolutions for 2018?

My upline + crossline teams and I have put together an awesome set of wellness goodies, each focusing on things we want to change/get rid of/create :  success, body care, mindset,lifestyle…
So I’m wondering if you’d be willing to play this little game : pick one or several emojis below that would benefit your good intentions and I will add you to my online event on friday! This event is totally free and you are free to come and go as you want! And no need to buy anything! We’re just spending some time together, like around coffee, but virtually!

💜Reset your body (weightloss)
🧡Reset your feelings
💛Reset your lifestyle
❤️Reset your energy
💚Reset your scale
💙Reset your bad habits (smoking)
🖤Reset your mindset
💪Reset your gymlife
😬Reset your stress
😍Reset your career
😜Reset your cleaning habits