12 ITEMS I WANT IN MY OFFICE | Old English Prints

As a former scrapbooker and paper addict, I have been attracted by anything paper/stationnery/planner/crafty supplies.

I recently came accross the Old English Prints website and O.M.G! Not only they have the BEST stationnery products, but they are in the UK which means shipping is GOOD! Ok so I spent a few hours (yes. a few) scrolling their website and I am absolutely in LOVE with their stuff.

Enamel Pins? YES.

Coasters? Of course.

Prints? Hello! It's in their website URL.

Keyrings? If they have a monstera one, I'm all in (well, they do. Bingo).

Pineapples? Monsteras? Tigers? To-Do Lists? Planners?

Yes, they have everything you wish for.

Here's my TOP 12 (I was thinking of doing a top 15246842 but thought it would have been too long) of my most favorites and the ones I am going to order in a bit!

Old English Prints is hosting a competition to celebrate World Stationery Day on 25h April 2018 : wanna join? Check out the informations below for awesome prizes by clicking the button below!