"Of course, "you might reply.

 "They pay for the product or service I provide, and I give it to them. What more do they need from me?"

 Well, assuming this is your response, there is quite a lot more your customers require from your business.

By considering their needs above and beyond what you are selling to them, you are guaranteed to retain them as customers. They will then be less inclined to make a move to one of your nearest competitors, and you will be one steps towards overcoming the odds of business failure.

With the above in mind then, let's consider just a few of the needs of your customers. 

Your customers need to feel safe when shopping online

When your customers hand over their financial details to you, they do so under the assumption that your computer systems are safe. There have been many data breaches over the years, and business owners and customers alike have had their bank and credit card details compromised. It's important to take the necessary steps to protect your customers best interests then, so make every effort to secure your computer systems. You can do this through firewalls and anti-virus software. You can use  random password generators when locking your accounts. You can visit Spectrumwise or similar IT security companies for the latest technology support. And you can do this by training up your employees in safe computer practices. By taking all of these steps, your customers' financial information will be safer than it would have been otherwise.

Your customers need to feel respected

This is a no-brainer because we all feel the need to be respected. But if you were to make false promises to your customers, or if you were to talk down to them through your communications, then they wouldn't feel this way. They wouldn't feel respected if you failed to take their complaints or feedback seriously either. It's important to treat your customers like VIPs. Listen to what they have to say, apologize if you make any mistakes, and talk to them like human beings, and not like walking and talking purses and wallets. You see, when they don't feel respected, they won't respect you either. They will show you this by the comments they post on social media and business review sites, and that could be catastrophic for your business.

Your customers need options and alternatives

Not every customer is happy paying with a credit card, so consider other payment options that could be offered to them. Not every customer is happy waiting on the phone to speak to you, so make use of email, live chat, and other communication options. And not every customer is happy to wait at home for a delivery, so be sure to allow them a range of dates and times that are more convenient for them. You see, your customers aren't being difficult when they want more choices when they do business with you. They have definite reasons for wanting further options, such as the fears about safety we highlighted in the first point in this article.

So, is your business meeting your customers' needs? If not, consider our suggestions. By taking steps to serve your customers, you will see the benefits when they return to you time and time again.