How an E-Commerce Platform Could Make Your Creative Business Fly

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How an E-Commerce Platform Could Make Your Creative Business Fly

So you made that first leap, launched your creative business - and people were right, weren’t they?  You’ve really got talent...

You’ve sold jewellery at craft markets, created your own Etsy page, stores have even showed interest in your products, - but where to go next?

If that’s a question you’ve been grappling with, or even losing sleep over - don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Many people get to a point, after the first rush of success, when they just get lost about what to do next.

But an e-commerce platform could be just what you need - to help you step up to the next level of success.  And, if you want to spend more time creating, and less on other business related tasks - it could be your ideal solution.

What are the benefits of an e-commerce platform?

As a creative business owner, three of the most important benefits you might want to know about are:

  • More control over marketing design and SEO - having your own shop front means you’ll be more in control, so you can really make your site design right for your brand.

  • Fewer on page distractions - you won’t suffer from any distractions from competitors - every interaction with a page is with your products only

  • Media and customers take you more seriously - having your own ecommerce platform makes you look more professional.  And we know you're at a point in your business’s progression where that stuff really matters,

What if you already have an online marketplace presence?

That’s fine - in fact, it’s great!  And you don’t need to abandon that if you launch an e-commerce platform site.  You can run them at the same time - and gain the benefits that each brings to your business.  Some even give you the functionality to integrate the two - and your social media sites - which really is a winning formula.

What other features are there?

As we said previously, ecommerce platforms can provide a solution to lots of your business’s functions. They can handle your marketing, accounts, orders, payments, returns - even discounts and out of stock products in magento.

Sites are search engine friendly, optimised for conversion, and offer a range of functionality, features and plugins.

You’d have access to a whole host of templates, so you can make your site look really personalized and professional. 

And, don’t be put off by the cost - some platforms are free to set up -  yes you heard right - free! You would have ongoing charges for different features, so we don’t want to pretend cost isn’t a consideration. But, when you’re building your business, you need to think in terms of economies of scale.  And after all, sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate

We think, overall, that choosing an ecommerce platform provides an invaluable opportunity when you want to take that next step.  If you do a bit of research and find the right site for you, we really do think they’re the solution you’re looking for.  

And investing in one could really make your creative business fly.

Written by Elisha Dennison

Collaborative article