How do you make a difficult decision?

In the business world, most decisions are driven by facts and data.

However, when it comes to personal decisions, we rarely have a list of facts we can use to guide us. For personal choices, we need to make up our mind alone. And that is the most challenging part, because your mind, as it happens, often has a mind of its own. Indeed, more often than not, coming to a decision by yourself can be a tricky process. Something as trivial as deciding what to wear could rapidly turn into an insurmountable challenge, for instance. We all know the feeling of having nothing to wear when we stand in front of a full wardrobe. But what you may not know is that your mind is merely playing a trick on you.

It doesn’t let you explore new beliefs

Your mind likes a routine, even when the routine isn’t working anymore for you. Unfortunately, it has to do with the way your brain is wired. Our ancestors needed the stability of a routine to survive in the wild, and they have transmitted the habit to us. However, every routine should come to an end when it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. For instance, how many of us begin to question our past career or relationship choices – or both – with no way of moving forward? Your mind may be aware that you can’t carry on the way you did things; however, it refuses to consider new options. Your mind can stop you from exploring new horizons and thoughts, which means that it intentionally prevents you from moving forward. Ignoring it is tricky, but you can trick your mind by introducing a new habit to replace your outdated routine. Have you tried using a planner that lets you align your day-to-day schedule with spiritual energies, for instance? For anybody who feels like they’re always missing their opportunities, astrology might be the push they need.

It refuses to embrace scientific proofs too

Your mind relies on first impressions and half-truths to keep you safe. Indeed, it’s part of our survival instincts; the brain sends an alarm signal to prevent you from doing anything that could be potentially dangerous. However, it can be difficult to override first impressions, even when they are wrong. Did you know, for instance, that many anxious individuals would benefit from medical marijuana? However, negative clichés prevent them from trying it out. You can, nevertheless, rewire your brain with new information, such as by visiting a professional cannabis convention that can answer your questions. Indeed, don’t people say that the best decisions are built on facts?

It criticizes your every move

As Danielle Krysa puts it eloquently in her TEDx talk, your inner critic is a jerk. Krysa explores the dilemma of listening to the negative part of your mind. Your mind judges you all the time, and if you start paying attention to it,  you wouldn’t want to do anything anymore! However, with time and effort, you can learn to silence the critic and turn the little voice into a trusted and supportive friend.  

You are never alone. Your mind is always working to protect you. However, more often than not, its desire to keep us safe can leave you struggling for direction, support, and self-esteem. Your mind is the enemy. But it’s an enemy you can tame and train.