7 essential oils Salomé (and all kids) LOVE

7 essential oils Salomé (and all kids) LOVE.png

Children are sensitive to smells : find them an essential oil that smells good and it will undoubtedly do them good!

Since Salome was very young, we have been using a few essential oils to soothe some issues. I would like to say that my decision to use some essential oils with her very early is a personal one and I encourage you to check with your doctor or pediatrician to see if you can do it with your children.

Today, at 3 and a half years old, Salomé loves her little bottles of essential oils and does not hesitate to ask for a roll-on to make her belly happier or a little bit of lavender on her blanket to sweet dreams. We have banned so many so-called “comfort medicines” and swear by our essential oils as soon as a small blemish appears.

I wanted to share with you Salomé’s TOP 7 essential oils and that are, of course, compatible with young children. I would like to point out that each of the oils below must be used with care and diluted according to YOUR essential oils dilution chart : indeed, I only use Young Living essential oils, because the quality and purity of an essential oil must be a guarantee of choice for its own well-being, and it is out of the question for me to say that I relieve our sores with plants while ignoring what the bottles I buy contain. With my Young Living oils, I have no doubt about the quality of the product.

Let’s talk about the 7 essential oils and blends Salomé loves and that all children could adopt with great pleasure!


Relax with Lavender and Peace & Calming™

Everyone knows the benefits of Lavender essential oil, right? We commonly call it in our team the Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils! With its relaxing power, it helps children and adults fall asleep! I combine it with Peace & Calming™, a Young Living blend, made with Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy essential oils. To tell you that its fragrance is pleasant would be to lie to you: IT IS DIVINE! I dilute it with some V6 vegetable oil and massage under her feet before bedtime : it is a daily ritual for her when she feels cranky.

Easy Peasy with Tranquil™

Tranquil ™ is another Young Living blend that we love, Salome...and me! It smells like heaven. Exclusive blend of lavender, cedarwood and Roman chamomile essential oils, it has been formulated to soothe and relax the body and mind. I roll it on my wrists and under my feet at night to relax, and inside my palms to be able to dilute it for Salome.

We sometimes switch Lavender and P&C for Tranquil ™, to vary the pleasures and so that the body does not get used to a particular oil.

Stop the booboos with Tummygize™ and Owie™

No more drugs to stop diarrhea and other constipation! TummyGize™ is a soothing, calming and relaxing blend that can be applied on the belly of small children... and already diluted! As a belly massage, this blend relieves quickly and smells very good! As for Owie™, it is a blend that is also already diluted for children that improves the appearance of the skin: you might as well say that its healing effect is top-notch and that it calms the appearance of bruises and other marks on the skin.


Boosting immunity with Ravintsara

It is clearly a must for us. Immunity booster, relaxing and soothing, it is our best ally in winter. When applied (diluted) under the feet, chest or spine, it is our BFF’s every day!

Protect yourself from lice with Tea Tree

Who has ever looked at the chemical components of lice shampoos? A small scan with an app that reads the chemical components and you will understand why we switched to essential oils for head lice prevention! Here, we have prepared a a roll-on that contains Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils, which we have mixed with vegetable oil, and DONE! We apply it behind the ears and a little in Salome's hair every morning before school. Well, to this day: NOTHING. NADA. NIENTE. RIEN. NO LICE.