The workplace is continually changing. There was a time where no entrepreneur would have considered an open-plan office. Nowadays, cubicles have become a thing of the past. Think back to the 1960s; nobody would have considered that women should play a role in the workplace. If they had a job, they would not be seen anywhere near the directors’ board. Skip back to 2019, and the CEOs of Oracle, General Motors, Pepsi, and IBM are women. In short, the workplace has been evolving a lot. And for ambitious women who don’t want to compromise anywhere between their homes and their work, the future of work is taking a remote direction. People now want to work from home.

You’ve got the tools already available at a click

First of all, it would be preposterous to commute to an office every day when you’ve got a variety of remotely accessible tools such as cloud payroll or team cooperation platforms. The solutions already exist to support work-from-home entrepreneurs. There is no need for an office anymore.

There is no better office than home

You are at your most productive when you work from home. Indeed, unlike the traditional workplace, you have a say in the design of your home office. You can create a space that supports your creativity and encourages you to stay focused throughout the day. Additionally, professional and high-quality technology is accessible to everyone, starting from a laptop to a digital phone system such as VOIP, for instance.

Colleagues are not always fun

There is such a thing as toxic office colleagues. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for workplaces to develop emotionally unhealthy atmosphere as a result of coworkers’ behavior. Gossip, for instance, is an intentional power-grab from colleagues who exert control over your reputation with no further intention than causing harm. Intimation, through the abuse of authority, is a typical approach used by less experienced managers who are worried about diluting their power by delegating tasks and processes. When you establish your office at home, you don’t have to struggle with the painful consequences of your colleagues’ attitude.

The traditional workplace kills your creativity

You have no control over your workload when you work in an office. In fact, you are likely to be always busy, running from a meeting to another one and staying late to catch up on your tasks. Creativity is a time-consuming process. But if you don’t have the time to think creatively, you are unlikely to come up with innovative solutions, or new approaches. Unfortunately, the typical busy workday destroys your creative mind. 

You can build work/life balance

Most people work 10 to 12 hours a day. When you get back home after a long day, you probably have just time to cook and put the kids to bed. For parents, it’s not a way of life! You want to have time to be both an expert and a mom. Working from home gives you the opportunity to be a lady boss and a loving mom without having to choose between them both!

It’s hard to say whether offices, as we know them, will still be a thing in the next 10 to 20 years. But the home office is definitely a trend that supports both your career and your individual needs at the same time.