Questionnaire :)

when are you moving to the United States?
hehe i would love to RIGHT NOW! but,you know, i lived in Montreal for about 8 months and had to move back to France due to my sister's health.I wanted to move to Seattle when i was in Montreal but life decided on another way for me. :) but i know i'll move to the US someday.
And can you make a good croque monsieur? ;)
Are you kidding me?!! I AM THE BEST! ;)
what's your favorite wine?
I prefer Red wine and really like Côte du Rhône.
what's your favorite cheese?
who is your favorite clothing designer?
I don't really pay attention to clothing designers...i prefer buying cheap clothes at H&M.They're fun to wear!
what French thing could you never give up?
Hmmm...French candies i'd say...they're sooooo good...
where do you see your career 5 years from now?
waoh.well, i would see myself working for a good magazine and teaching workshops everywhere in Europe and the US! :D
strawberry or plain margaritas?
argh...tough choice...BOTH! :D
frozen or on the rocks?
What is your all time favorite movie? Book? CD?
Favorite movie : Amelie and Vanilla sky.
Book : INCA.
CD : any CD's by Mathieu Chedid.
When did you start making art!?
I've always enjoyed making art but i've been more serious, involved for about 5 years i'd say.
Are you french or american?
You're not the first one to ask me this!!!!! I am FRENCH!!! My mom is French and my dad is spanish. I know, my english is quite good but i am french! :D
Why do you prefer France to America?
Because it's my country ! :D
What is your greatest dream?
I would like to be a better person everyday, understand the world and make the people i love happy.
what is your greatest source of inspiration??
which emotions do you feel with which colors??
wow.tough question.
I feel nostalgic when i use a palette of white,cream,sepia colors.
I feel excited,happy,free when i use bright colors!
Each color combinations can bring so many different emotions.
Celine, how did you start stamping/crafting?
When i was about 14, i found a note in a magazine from a girl who was looking for a penfriend in France.I wrote to her and we became friends.She introduced me to Friendship Books, which are little sheets of ppaer where you can write your address and find new penpals.
Those are not artistic AT ALL! But then, i found other penpals who slightly introduced me to Decos, and with time, those decos became more artistic.
About 5 years ago, i was swapping decos a lot and then found out about ATC's, altered books and art journals.I got addicted and still am!
How did you discover it?
Read above. ;)
Did you always like to draw/paint/do other art stuff before getting into stamping?
Yeah but i got introduced to all techniques slowly.And the first time i saw Somerset Studio : WOW!!!! A new world was opening its doors to me!
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