Teesha Moore newest magazine, Art books and life in general...

ok...no more stinky man in the house! hehehe! man...never met someone that stinky...
anyway...life has been busy. I've been working 35 hours a week at my dad's office, i try to organize my days the best way i can so that i can go back home early and work on my commitments and art.
I've got TONS of artwork commitments, projects, stuff to do at the moment...feeling a little bit overwhelmed to be honest but i won't complain ! Life is Art and Art is Life. Thank God i've got some projects that have no particular deadlines though!hehehe!!!!
Been recently working on art journals and man, all i can say is that i'm definitely addicted...can't live without making art journals and art in general.
On another note, i'm pretty sad because my peeps in the US can get their copy of Karen Michel 's and Claudine Hellmuth's books whereas i have to wait for end of september to get my copies via Amazon.FR...grrrr...WHY?!!! It's the same company right?!! whether it's the American or French one,uh? and what makes me mad is that it's way more expensive to order it via Amazon.FR...you're supposed to get cheaper books with the US $$ / Euros thingie, right? well not with Amazon.FR...so i might end up ordering it via Amazon.COM.
and, as LK Ludwig mentioned on her blog, Teesha Moore has a new magazine out ! It's called Art & Life and i soooooooo need to get a subscription ! Too bad i don't have much money at the moment and gonna get my paycheck at the end of the week but i so wanna subscribe!
I've also decided that i'm going to renew my subscription to Marie Claire Idées magazine. I LOVE that magazine ! It's a french one, I know LK mentionned it on her blog too, but not sure if you,US peeps, can get an english version of it or not...and i'm not even sure there's one... i am going to renew it and i got a voucher for it last week in another magazine. 4 issues for 16€ which is quite cheap!
Today is a day off in France so it's gonna be an ART DAY for me!!!
talk to you later loveys!
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