Books and what not

I wanna read this book so baaaaaaaaaaaaad :
140220045501_sclzzzzzzz_ :D Honestly, i know a lot of archetypes and rumors about French people but i REALLY wanna read that book in order to know MORE about the whole thing ! :) and see the title?!!!  ----> " (why we love france but not the french) ... well yeah... thank you guys... LOL
Seriously i KNOW that we, French people, can be a pain in the ass, we talk loud, we have some weird habits, we are proud of our history and food and blah blah blah...
but are we THAT weird?! do people REALLY dislike us?!!!!!
well that's sad to judge people by their nationality or color or religion or anything...
i can't stand most of my people here in France, i really hate the way some think but i love being French! :) i love the fact that, when you visit another country, people smile when you say you're french! :)
I've never met anyone who disliked me because i was french...except maybe one guy in the UK...but he was a prick.
so, that being said, i might have to order that book soon! hehehehe!!!!
My sister Barbara wants to buy me this :
Ipod Oh hummmm... i would LOVE to say yes ! but i can't...i mean, she managed to save a little bit of money last year and i know she'd be happy to buy this for me, but i feel so bad...
how i love my sister. :)
Oh! I bought some Foofala papers by Teresa McFayden while i was in Paris and OH MY GOODNESS !!! I am in LOVE !!!!!!! these papers are truely DELICIOUS!!! i would have bought the WHOLE collection : papers, rub-ons, stickers...EVERYTHING !!! Teresa : YOU ROCK, my dear!!!!!! If you ever need someone to design art projects for ya,i'm your girl ! :D
I also received some amazing art journals this week, one from my dearest Jen Osborn, and i got my Ghost Twin Dolls from Kerry i LOVE this artist !
Webconjoinedghostwins  Beautiful,uh?!!!
I'm sooooooooooooo behind my art work commitments...working all august long has been a disaster artwise...not moneywise of course, because i'll have enough money for Artfest, but artwise, i haven't been able to do much.
so now, i need to catch upon all my projects!!!!
so i might be silent during a few days but i promise to write some updates soon!
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