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20 facts about me...
started at 7:58pm
1. I have one big tattoo in my back and am planning to get a second one on my right lower arm
2. I love piercings too!
3. I've been on a serious diet for 2 months now and already lost at least 30 pounds ! :D °go me go me go me°
4. I've been in love with Damien for nearly 5 years now
5. I love kids
6. I have a very old French car you wouldn't even think it still works! :)
7. I have a Master Degree in Foreign Languages (English and Spanish) and a Master Degree in Photography & Arts
8. I was very good at school :)
9. I'm a real dreamer
10. I easily have crushes on guys! LOL
11. I say "fuck" a lot too,but the French version! :)
12. I was born on St PAtrick's Day
13. I am shy (yeah i swear!)
14. I bought a Menopause Fairy necklace
15. I would like to live in NYC, Seattle or Paris
16. If i win the lottery, i'd buy a house in all the cities named above! :)
17. I can't stand Mr Bush and his team
18. I'm looking forward to Mr Chirac to get his ass out of L'Elysee
19. I drive fast in my old car LOL
20. I am an artist !
finished at 8.13pm
now i tag YOU to post sucha list about yourself !
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