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Azzia, originally uploaded by thegreenfrogstudio.

Hi everyone!!!!!

As you can see from the previous pictures, WE HAVE A LITTLE PUPPY AT HOME!!!!

Barbara has been out of hospital for a week and guess who arrived on the same day to welcome her back home!!!!?

Our sweet little Azzia!!!!!

:) ain't she the cutest? She's 2 months old! yeah of course she pees and poss everywhere but who cares! :) we clean it and that's it!

I couldn't get the little puppy i showed you a couple of weeks ago. The animal rescue woman gave it to someone else, as Barbara was still in hospital and we couldn't take it.

But i found this little treasure, this little cutie pie and i couldn't resist!!!!! :D

You can't imagine how life is different now she's here, Barbara is feeling WAY better, smiles, laughs everytime she sees Azzia feel overwhelmed by emotion, gratitude and love :)

because all of this is THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!!

I will never be able to thank you enough!


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