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So life has been VERY busy lately...

I need to finish some collaborative projects, work on my ARTFEST stuff, get started on my book and more.

I am SO NOT ready for Christmas! and i feel bad because i haven't started on my Christmas cards yet... :( ...yeah i know...

so, my friends, would you be mad at me if you get your Holidays Season card a little bit after Christmas?

I also paid my balance for Artfest. It's a good amount of money but i had saved that money especially for Artfest. Now i need to save money for my plane ticket! LOL but i should be good. I'm going to teach a whole weekend workshop beginning of March so it should help pay for the ticket.

So what's up with everyone?! Getting busy preparing Christmas?

I don't know why but i really don't feel like celebrating anything.

Last year in Montreal, there were only 3 of us : Dammien, the evil roomate and I. (by the way, i didn't give any more news to the evil roomie...i don't give a damn shit abot her anymore...she emailed me indeed but i didn't reply and put her email addy in my Spam file).

and this year, i'll be with my whole family, i'm very happy about that, but Barbara's health will certainly make things a little bit sad...well not sad...but...different. Lots of thinking. Fear. Anxiety.


On a brighter note, i know i'm gonna get my IPOD! LOL :D heeheehee!!!!!

What did you ask Santa for Christmas?

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