Here are the replies to your questions...
Patty asked "what do you like to do when nothing is working and the creative drive is stuck?"
- Well... I often end surfing online...I know, this doesn't sound much fabulous, but I always get inpired just reading people's blogs and seeing their art online. Or...I might end up playing PS2 !!! :) My favorite game has to be Final Fantasy 10 for a while now...But i finished it last year...wanted to start the 11th one but it doesn't look as good as the 10th... :)
Linda asked "What is you favorite kind of cereal?
- Cheerios for sure!!!! YUM!
Joleen asked "How do you find out/keep track of submission themes + deadlines?
- I rarely keep track of submissions. Sometimes, I really want to send art to magazines with a specific call, but i often end up NOT respecting the deadline. I have to admit that life keeps me busy, with my sister being so sick,and i just can't do everything i'd like to do. I try to stay organized for the bigger projects i'm involved in. I have a diary/organizer that helps me stay organized, I write notes down, to-do lists every week and try to stay focused on what's important. But,as i said,life always rules :)
Helle Greer asked "Looking good my dear, how much have you lost"
- hehehehe...yeah, I lost about 30 pounds...but have to admit that i gained 10 back over the past month...due to stress, worries and sadness...
Tiffini asked "What is your favorite fairy tale?"
- Alice in Wonderland MOST DEFINITELY ! :)
Kathy asked "If you could only pick ONE artist who has influenced you the most in your art, who would it be and why?? (Note - You can only pick ONE!!)"
- Argh...that one is TOUGH ! :) and i can only pick ONE?!!! damn...well hmmmm...really i can't pick just one! LOL Well...I have to admit that Lynne Perrella is the artist who has influenced my artwork the most. Her amazing way to assemble things, paint and construct anything just astounds me. Yeah, I have to admit that she is theone who made me want to be a real artist.
But nowadays, I feel inspired and admire artists (and friends)  like Jen Osborn, Karen Michel, LK Ludwig, Judi Riesch, Melissa McCobb Hubbell, Michelle Ward, Nina Bagley, Sarah Fishburn and Jill Haddaway. Sorry,Kathy, couldn't pick ONE! LOL
Deb asked "what is the average amount of time you spend on a piece of art?"
- It depends...depends on the piece.If it inspired me or not. I can make something in less the one hour or can spend DAYS on just a 4x4 piece !!!!!!! Really,depends on my mood mainly.and you know what?!! i HATE it when it takes days! LOL
Kim asked "Do you dream in color????"
- wow!!! i have no idea !!! LOL well...yeah...i think i sometimes dream in color...does it have a sense to dream in color?!I'm curious now!
Linda asked "what are your favorite things to use in your art besides photos!!?"
- GESSO all the way,baby ! I am mad about this product! I could use it all the time! It' s incredible all the things you can do with it, the layers, the texture...I just couldn't live without it!
My other favorite supplie is paper...i'm a huge paper addict...i love all the new scrapbook papers that are in stores...damn...have you seen the new Basic Grey lines ?!!! OH MY GOSH!
And i'm addicted to Golden acrylics and fluid acrylics :)
OH! and found objects of course!
Misty asked "You have 4 plane tickets to anywhere...where would you go, who would you take?"
- 4 plane know how much i enjoy travelling...First of all, I'd go to Peru.That has been my biggest dream since i am a child.I've always been obessed, attracted by this country and its people. I'll sure go there soon! But I'd like to go there alone...don't know why...this is the only place that i feel like i need to go by myself...maybe i need to find something there...maybe i need to be by myself there and wait for something...i don't know...but i feel this way when i think about it :)
Then I'd go to New York City! I am in LOVE with this city! Been there once and man! I wanna win the lottery and buy a condo there! LOL I'd take Barbara there and we'd go crazy shopping everywhere!
Hmmm then...I wanna go to Chile...LOVE this country to bits too!
And then...I'd go to Ireland...always been attracted by this land as's's fresh...lots of rain...i love rain...poetry...and GUINESS! :D
Corey asked "Oh! What does the purple felt sac look like!?"
- hehehehe!!!! still working on it ! But will finish it up this week for sure! I have 3 day off in a row!(woohoo!)
Andrea asked "What's your favorite tool for applying color on your pages?"
- MY FINGERS! :D and my old bushy favorite paintbrush.
Bec asked "Do you have piercings anywhere else on your body?"
- I used to have my belly pierced but took it off a few years ago because i didn't like it anymore. I only have my nose and lips pierced now...and one tattoo in my back.
Renne D asked "What are you most looking forward to doing at Artfest??"
- Meeting my friends, most definitely! Artfest was a wonderful experience for me last year.Not only i took outstanding classes with fabulous artists but i got to meet my online friends I never met before and boy, that was a BLAST! I didn't meet anyone who wasn't friendly and caring, and to be honest, even if i am going to take wonderful classes this year, i'm mainly going there to MEET my friends and new people! I'm going to see my buddies i saw last year and going to meet friends for the first time this year and oh how excited i am ! :) Looking forward to seeing you all,mes chéries!
Nancy asked "Have you decided to go to Artfest and how are you doing with your pieces for Vendor Night?"
- Yes I'm going to Artfest. I don't know how things are going to be like tomorrow but I have decided to go.Barbara asked me to promise to never give up on my dreams and she told me she didn't want to be the reason of me not going there.All i do is for her and I don't want to disappoint her in any way, so yes i'm going. As for my pieces for Vendor Night, I'm not done yet but I have a bunch of pieces i'm very proud of  and i hope people will enjoy my work there!
Wow!!! Girls! Your questions were pretty tough but i really enjoyed replying to them all! If you have more, don't hesitate to ask! that was fun!
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