some updates at last!

So you guys know I'm in the process of moving real soon, i've been hurrying to make my boxes done so that i can set up my stuff at the new house and get started on important projects! who said it was easy to move when you're a scrapbook artist !??? oh my! It's been a nightmare to sort out things and put them in boxes!!! I hate it ! but oh well...I try to calm down thinking about the GEAT room i'm gonna have!! MY OWN ROOM! YAY!

So how was CHA, you might ask? It was A BLAST ! I got to see friends again, some I already met, some I didn't, and i so enjoyed myself!

Here's a small recap...

So I left on January 25th from Paris to LAX...and guess what? I got upgraded to Business class! LOL that was cool, my friends!!!!

I left with Laurent, owner of Rouge de Garance, friend, co-worker and boss of mine! all of that at one time! hehehe! It was a huge success and I'm excited about all the new things coming soon !

Event if we were very busy with the show, we got to rent a car and visited Venice Beach, Long Beach and Newport Beach...and Anaheim and Irvine (because Julie and I wanted to shop at Scrapbook Oasis! hehehehe!!!! such a COOOOOL store!!!!).

here are the comments from each photo below...

  • the 6 first pictures were taken in Venice Beach...very artsy...funky...i really like it ! We even saw a guy with 2 BIG snakes!! YUCK! i had to run away!
  • 5 photos in Long Beach (one of Laurent and me...yeah i had to buy some movie star glasses : hey dude, i was in LA !!!!LOL)
  • ne picture of me in front of HUGE palmtree pot and another one with Julie and moi,still in front of that huge thing LOL
  • I was soooooooooo happy and honored to finally meet my friend Donna Downey !!!! not only she's so beautiful, but she's a doll...I knew that she was friendly and adorable but, WOW! she totally hypnotised me with her kindness and humour !!!! she ROCKS!
  • got to meet my buddy Ana Cabrera !!! she was excatly like I imagined her : funny, cute, friendly and a sweetheart! ANA! LOVE YA girl! She was on the Purple Cows booth and oh boy! they gave me a 12x12 paper trimmer and a freestyle paper cutter that just ROCK !!!!! I'm going to tell you more about those but you HAVE to have these!
  • I was looking forward to stop by the FONTWERKS booth!!! I've been a HUGE fan of their stuff for a long time but it's been a nightmare to find them in France! I was so shy to introduce myself to the girls there, especially Maria Grace Abuzman and Kai-Mei Smith : I've been admiring their work and respecting them for a long time!!! but Kai-Mei got me and told me " hey girl! go and introduce yourself to the girls!!!!!" oh-uh...ok... :)  I was so thrilled to do a photo with them too!
  • I got to see Allison of Hambly Screen Prints again : Hambly is one of my fave brand BY FAR, can't get enough ! their new stuff is TO-DIE-FOR !!!! and we're finally gonna get some Hambly goodness in France real soon !!!!! YAY!!! :D
  • I was delighted to see my dearest Carol Wingert again (Tena Sprenger and Carole have their new book out REAL soon: I've got some artwork in it)
  • I saw sweet Elsie Flannigan without being able to approach her : there was so many people on her booth, which was the cutest ever!!! I wish I got to talk to her, love her...
  • got to seemy sweet Angela Cartwright : sorry honey that i didn't make it in time, but at least I got to hug ya!
  • and more...

This show was exhausting, I didn't have enough time to see everything (who can???? I even got lost searching for the exit!!!), didn't have time to see all my fave brands there and i was busy on the RDG booth...

I'm leaving you now with all the pictures, will post new updates in the upcoming days!


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