Artfest 2007 - the review at last...

Yeah I know..I haven't had a chance to blog lately...been travelling here and there, teaching in France... I'm not at home a lot, I won't complain but sometimes, it's hard...Damien has a new job and we don't see each other a lot...but it's gonna be ok : I'm taking 2 months OFF of work this summer ! no teaching, only time to make art, go to the beach, relax and enjoy life! :)

So ARTFEST 2007 ...It was GRAND as always! My third year there and it's always worth the trip ! 20 hours on my way to Seattle, 23 hours on my way back's a looooooooong trip but OH so worth it !

Seattle is probably my favorite city in the United States.Ok I haven't visited EVERY city in the US, but Seattle and NYC are probably my faves!

Photos_071 I met fabulous people there as always, talented, generous. It's amazing how you just click with people over there, I mean, we are all artists, aren't we? it's all about sharing, getting to know each other through art, LOVE that!

I only spent a week in Seattle this time but I cherish every single minute spent there.It was great!

First day in Seattle.

I left my sunny South of France on Tuesday the 27th at 10am and arrive in Seattle on the same day at 10pm local time.yeah that makes a looong trip, i tell you! and I wish I had an Airfrance plane instead of Delta ! You don't even have your own television in Delta planes, while you do with AF! anyway...

My sweet friend Stacie Rife and her husband Jeff were waiting for me at the airport, with a future new super friend , Hope Wallace. I had never ever met Hope, nor we got to exchange emails, but this girl is A DOLL ! She cracks me up ! We spent the evening talking, but I just couldn't stay up that late as I was very jetlagged (by the way, I took those freakin' homeopathik sleeping pills to catch up on the jetlag, but it didn't work!!!! so I was pretty much jetlagged ALL artfest long! grrr!)

On wednesday morning, we were on our way to Port Townsend !!!!!!

The trip to Port Townsend is so worth many beautiful landscapes...i'm in love with this place.

Photos_063Stacie, Hope et I arrived in Fort Worden in the afternoon, went to get our registration package at the Commons, and headed to our Officer's house where we were sharing it with a bunch of amazing ladies : Jen OSborn, Lori Brofsky, Jen's mom, Katie Kendrick, LK Ludwig, Stephanie Lee and her friend, Dona Bumgarner...We laughed a lot, we talked a lot, we shared a was good. I felt good.

I was happy to see my friends...I was sad though that I didn't have much time to spend with my dearest Nina...and Misty...and Pam...but I was happy I got to give them a huge hug though!


Ok so...this year I took classes with Anahata Katkin, Karen Michel and Anne Bagby...  

I SO loved Anahata's class ! the way she teaches, the way she talks about art simply embraces your creativity and you just can't stop ! I had so much fun during her class and I'll definitely take another class from her!

So, I'm posting pictures of the projects I made during my classes...I don't have any pictures of my project in Anne's class yet...

first here is the BIG painting/collage I made during Anahata's class! isn't it cool ?!!!! I haven't finished it yet but I'm so looking forward to going on on this one! I feel the need to work on something big now! thanks to Anahata!


Then,on Friday, I took Karen Michel's Portrait class. Can I tell you how much I love Karen? This girl is a real sunshine : full of love, sweetness, smile, joy, talent...I could go on and on but she surely is my favorite artist. And you know what? I bought one of her paintings at Vendor Night! AHAHA! Will post a picture later! ;)

I already took a class with her 2 years ago and loved it,and was excited to take this new class with her!

and the great thing is that I got to spend a whole day with the cutest and oh so funny Sheila !!!! We were in the same class together on Thursday, but didn't get to talk, but we sat next to each other during Karen's class, and oh boy! we laughed and laughed! this girl cracks me up! that's what I love about artfest : you always make new friends!

For Karen's class, I cut some portrait pictures from magazine...found 2 good ones...but I couldn't resist using one of the portrait I took of my sister Barbara years ago. I was a little bit intimidated to work on this painting...but once I got started, it felt good to use bright colors to celebrate her love for life!

So here are my painting on canvases that I made during Karen Michel's class..

Photos_051 Photos_052Photos_039_2Photos_014Photos_016Photos_053Photos_065I have to tell you that I'm pretty proud of them! Karen is so good at teaching !

ok and now more pictures to follow...

Karen Michel busy at work demoing for us on how to work on the portrait painting...

pictures of Anahata Katkin's pieces of every single one of them!

picture of my new sweet friend, Sheila...

and my buddies Stacie et Hope...:)

yeah...that week just flew by sooooooooo quickly...

thank you teesha for such an amazing guys outdid yourself this year again!!!! it's getting better and better!!!! THANK YOU!

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