A's! :D

ok so...youknow I asked you to ask me questions...so here are the answers! Hope you'll like it ! :)

What is your favorite Holiday?

My favorite holiday...hmmm...I'd say Christmas...but since my sister has gone, it's been kind of bittersweet, you know...but i like these holidays though... I always feel like we are given a new start on everything... :)

Do you have any favorite movies?

Amelie is my favorite movie so far!!!! I love the music, I love to cry during the movie, I love the actors, I love the places in Paris we see in the movie...I just love everything! I even went and drank a coffee at the coffee place you can see in the movie!!! it was pretty different but you can still see the dwarf there! hehehe!!!!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would definitely go to Peru ! This country has been mesmerizing me for as long as I can remember. Would LOVE to go. I guess that the day I'm up there in Macchu Picchu, I'll cry. :)

If I came to over your house for dinner what would you be cooking right now?

OMG. I'm a horrible cooker! But one thing I'm good at would be crêpes!!!! or pastas! LOL

Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, what are you going to be? And will you take a picture of yourself dressed up? LOL.

We don't really celebrate Halloween here in France. I guess it's much more of a party thing here but,honestly, I don't celebrate it.

If someone wanted to make a movie about your life what would it be named?

oh my. There'd be nothing to film about! LOL oh-hmmm...I guess the title would be "Keep smiling". :)

Have you ever done anything so silly that you just laughed out loud to yourself and people around you probably thought you were a bit on the crazy side?

omg.I need to think on this one...It often happens when I just say silly jokes that just make me laugh ! LOL the other day, I said something that REALLY made me laugh, but to be honest, not even Damien was laughing...and seeing everybody staring at me with their serious faces made me laugh even harder! :D

will you teach workshops in holland again soon??

Hopefully YES! I would love to ! I had such an EXCELLENT time the last time I was in Holland, thanks to Marcia and Corinne, that I definitely want to go back! I'll let you know when ;)

people or pets??

people. but I LOVE pets too, esp. dogs.

TV or internet??


Art or Love??

BOTH! :)

Chocolate or strawberries??


Paint or pictures??

Paint ON pictures! :)

do you "see" the end result in your head or "just do it" and see where the creativity takes you?

I usually just do it and see what happens. I never know or plan or draw anything before I start. I like to dive and see what happens.
I never have a sketch or never even make one before starting working on my layout. I know which products I want to play with when I start, but I never know what I’m gonna end up with! That’s what I like about scrapbooking, you never know where it’s gonna lead you. My artwork just evolves at the same time as my creativity, and I just think at the pretty same time as I glue things down. And when I’m stuck , I just glue and see what happens, so that I can’t make up my mind one more time!

You are on 5 Design Teams....how do you cope with all the deadlines? Is scrapbooking your way of living, or do you also have a 'real' job?

Yes, I'm a full time Scrapbook Artist and SO proud of it. I've been enjoying every single second of it since I quit my job last year. It's hard, I tell you, because it's a looooot of work but oh so worth it ! I've got lots of deadlines, assignements, requirements, but I work hard and I'm pretty proud of all the things I achieved this year. :)

My question is have you lived in the u.s. too? or just France?

I've never lived in the US. I used to live in Montreal for about 9 months. But I was born in France, raised in France and still live in beautiful South of France, just by the Mediterranean Sea. :)

Which hot celebs are in your "2 do list" :)

oh dear...hot celebs I like lately. I've been having a crush on Keifer Sutherland lately! he's hot ! :)

How do you renew your energy to create?

I like to read magazines, listen to music, watch Amelie ! :)

What is your favorite beverage?

Water or fruit juice.

Favorite color?

Lime green! but I have so many favorites ! Red, turquoise, black... :)

Do you like mixed media canvasy art projects or scrapbook (paper) art projects better? Why?

I so love both...but lately, I must admit that Scrapbook has taken a bigger place in my life, due to the fact that I've had way more work scrapbook-wise.But that doesn't mean I have given up on Mixed Media. I made a canvas this weekend. Will post the picture tomorrow! :)

Another?? What has been your favorite trip? Why?

My favorite trip...probably my first trip to Seattle! :) I was going to attend Artfest for the first time and I was so excited!Since then, I went back there three times and fell in love with Seattle! :)

do you paint on your layouts?

Oh i LOVE to paint on my layouts! I like to create my own background and use paints as frames, details on embellishments...

Do you do more layouts or mini albums?

Hmmm...tough question...let's say that I make more layouts but I can make lots of minis as well...I love both!

How long have you been doing this?

What? being a full time scrapbook artist? since June 2006.

How long does it take you to complete a LO?

Between 30 minutes to 2 hours...not more...too much work to spend longer than that on a layout...

Do you find that there are certain trends in scrapbooking in Europe that are not big in the US or vice versa?

No I don't think there are different trends depending on the countries or nationalities...I think it's only up to the person who scraps, depending on the likings, past and emotions.People are different, and whether they're American, French, Spanish, Australian or else, it all depends on WHO they are. That will determine the way they scrap. :)

Do you have an art background, like a degree or study art or is all this talent just natural??

I have a master degree in Photography and Arts, yes. SO I must say that it helps to have an art background ! :) but other than that, I also have a degree in Languages (english, spanish, chinese). Don't even ask me whether I can speak Chinese! LOL I forgot almost everything!

Which country have you travelled to? Which of the country do you love most?

So.. I've travelled to England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Tunisia, Morocco, the USA, and Canada.  But next month I'm going to Australia!!! And next year I have some other fabulous trips scheduled too, which i am SO looking forward to ! :D

I can't say I have one favorite country. I enjoyed every single trip, some being real discoveries, and some being usual trips (like in Spain, where I often go to visit family - oh my Dad is spanish by the way!).

I enjoyed every single countries. As long as it is different from France, from its culture, landscapes, people, I loved every single ones. :)

Do you journal in French or English more often? Why?

I usually journal in English more often, because it's weird but, I find it easier to find the good words in english. And everytime I write in french, i find it ridiculous! :D

What is your favorite page you've ever done?

Hmmm...I have lots!!! but here's my favorite at the moment...


What's your favorite scrapbooking technique?

I LOVE rubberstamps! I could stamp everywhere! and use paints as well.

whats you're favorite dessert?

lemon pie! :)

what's you're favorite pair of shoes(no crocs i hope!)

My Brown leather Converse shoes !!! And my b&w Vans shoes! I do have a pair of Crocs flip-flops and love them too! ;)

what's you're favorite tv programme/serie.

Heroes, Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break :D

Can you post some pictures of your scraproom? I really want to see the turquoise walls. I'm so in love with that color.




how did you find your own sense of style in Photos_004scrapbooking? Do you ever just have to stop looking at other ideas and let yourself evolve on the page ???

To be honest, I don't know how I have found my style,and whether I DID find it. I just create the way my head and creativity tell me so and I try to be happy with every project I create. It's hard not to be influenced by other people's work, esp. when you loooove lurking on people's blogs! but honestly, as long as I like what I create, it's all that makes me happy. Of course I want my art to be unique, but it is something that is quite hard to achieve nowadays.

I'm wondering wether you use your computer for your art. Like photoshop on the pictures, printing journalling (printing transparencies wich I myself like a lot) love your work.

Oh yeah!!! I'm a Photoshop Freak! :D When I was at the Photography school, I had 9 hours of Photoshop classes every week during 2 years! So yeah I pretty know the program and am totally addicted to it ! So I edit every single shot I make, I can make my own printed paper, I can create my own labels and embellishments... I can say that I'm a hybrid scrapper because I love to mix papers and digital elements.

What is your favorite source of inspiration ( scrap and non-scrap-related!)?

Hmmm...I love my Marie-Claire Idées magazine sooo much! this french magazine is filled with inspiration and beautiful art and ideas! too bad it's only out 4 times a year!

I also like Shoes Up magazine, which is a shoe magazine of course, but you have no idea how talented these guys are! They manage to talk about SHOES with displaying ART everywhere in the magazine! So you have this shoes and all over it, ART ! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it !

Music is also a big part of my inspiration...

Lately, I've been listening to Without Gravity, system of a Down, Deftones, Sigur Ros, Sean Lennon, Snow Patrol, Keren Ann, Emilie Simon, Foo Fighters...

do you know how many sleeps till Australia? wish i could come..... oh well, maybe i could come visit your land one day.

OMG!!!!!  22 sleeps until we fly to AUSTRALIA!!!! :D I'm SO SO SO excited!!!! If people have any tips and tricks about Sydney (places to visit/not to visit, etc...), I'm up for it ! :)

do you ever get in a scrappy slump? if so, how do you get out??

Oh yeah that definitely happens!!!! and usually I simply avoid scrapping for a few days, reading, watching TV, surfing online, going out with friend, taking pictures instead.

So how about you, are you a messy scrapper too?


And then something about YOU: What do you like to drink when you scrap? (I am a tea-lover ;) )

As you can see on the pictures, WATER! but I also like some lemonade or a coke sometimes, but I usually drink water all day long.


Take care!



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