So this is my very first "chapter" of my INSPIRATION TUESDAY.Welcome here and enjoy it!

For this first rendezvous, I made a little album for you guys, easy and quick to do. I'm going to explain it step-by-step, with instructions, mesurements, suppy lists and little tips to make your own mini album about YOU.

YEAH! You just read it : ABOUT YOU! But be careful : this ain't a mini album about the best in you, about your qualities, with the most pictures of you. No, I wanted to make a mini album where I could be honest, tell things to myself through this album.

As you may have read on my blog lately, I've been going through some major times in my life, where doubts, fears, worries have been going through my mind, and I wanted to face some parts of myself through this album.

Words are important, we need to write them down but we have to kno one self first.

In this mini album, that is an introduction to a serious work on one self, I wanted to show 9 faces of myself, not only qualities, but also bad sides (well, things that I consider annoying in me), so that's why I came up with that title : NOT SO PERFECT ME.

First of all, I used a Jenni Bowlin little square album.If you don't have this album, simply use several pieces of cardboard to make your own. The size of each page is 4x4".

In this album, you have : 2 4x4" pieces for the cover (thicker than the inner pages), 8 pages for the inside and 9 4x4" overlays.

Here's the supply list for this album :  

structure : a Jenni Bowlin mini album

papers : Hambly

overlays : Hambly

embellishments : American Crafts (flair, alpha stickers); Pink Paislee (rubons); Sassafras (chipboards); 7gypsies (fabric tabs); Hambly (stickers); Basic Grey (alphas); Studio Calico (camera stamp).  

Tools to make the album : crop-a-dile, glue for transparencies, double sided tape, trimmer, black pen.

Photos : 8 4x4" color photos.


First, prepare all of your 4x4 pages and overlays.

For the cover, glue a kraft cardstock and cut out the star shape with a craft knife. Then glue a woodgrain overlay from Hambly on the cardstock, using a glue that is invisible once glued (and cut out the star one more time).

Make holes with your crop-a-dile.

I added some Pink Paislee rubons, a 7gypsies fabric tab, an AC flair, some tiny alphas stickers and chipboards letters for my title.

For the back cover, simply use kraft cardstock and overlay.   



First of all, before starting all the instructions, you need to know that:

each left page is scrapped, that means that I used some papers, embellishments and a title, and then , each right page only has a picture (size of the whole page by the way), and that between each page, there is an overlay (size 4x4").


    1st double page : simply add some kraft Hambly paper on your left page, some embellishments and your title.

#1 : I'm an air head. If you tell me something that doesn't interest me, I just won't remember a thing you said, that's it, I'm just inattentive, scatterbrained.:)



2nd double page : a kraft Hambly paper with circles, hambly sticker, pink paislee rubon, number and my title. 

#2 : i'm an optimistic. yeah, my mojo is KEEP SMILING, everything will be fine and we can do it. :)




3rd double page : I lept the inner pages from the Jenni Bowlin mini album here, and added some left overs from a Hambly woodgrain overlay. Just add a blue ribbon for the contrast, a rubon, number and your title (it can go on the opposite page if it's too long).

#3 : i'm a melancolic. Since I was a child, I have some periods in my life where I feel sad for every single sad things happening in the world, the misery, the poverty, the sickness, like if all these were caused by me and I couldn't do anything. I feel so useless in front of all this. That's it. That's just the way I am.




4th double page : a white Hambly paper, fabric tab, some perforated stars, a rubon, my title. The number 4 is on the overlay this time.

#4 : i am impulsive. Yeah, ask Karine how I managed to make the tramway stop in the middle of the stree while we were in Nantes because there was this racist guy that annoyed me so much, or how I almost got into a fight with an old lady because she insulted me! :D




5th double page : I used the left over piece of paper in which I punched the stars from the previous double page and glued it on my page. I outlined some stars with a black pen, added my title, an American Crafts flair that matches my title perfectly, and there you go.

#5 : i am a dreamer...yeah, don't even get me started on that one :)




6th double page : Hambly paper, fabric tab, sticker, my title.

#6 : i'm addicted to travelling. Since I was child, I have always dreams of travelling all over the world to meet new people, new cultures, new landscapes, new religions, a different way of life... and now, I just can't believe all the countries I've been to at only 28 years old.




7th double page : kraft Hambly paper, always, in order to respect the color scheme of my album. A Studio Calico stamp, some scribbles to make my number chipboard pop, a rubon and my title.

#7 : i am stubborn. Oh really? yeah that might be from my spanish side, that is. :D




8th double page : I kept the lined paper page from the JBS mini album again. I added a Pink Paislee rubon, my title, a number and that's it.

#8 : i am blessed. I lost my only sister, Barbara, 3 years ago. She was only 20 and died of cancer. Do we really get through this someday? I don't think so. You just live with it, you keep smiling even if it hurts inside, you hide your sadness behind jokes and you just go on, you live, you eat, you laugh, you cry, you live for two. CARPE DIEM my friends.




9th double page : this double page doesn't have any photo on the right as I didn't want any photo on the side of the back cover. A simple title, just like a conclusion.

#9 : i am ME. Céline Christine Antoinette Navarro - kind of rock'n'roll name, isn't it??! LOL, born on March 17th 1981 in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, South of France, at 11:21am, on a tuesday. I am everything said in this book and even more than that.




This is a part of ourselves that we leave in this mini album, not only with pictures, not only with the titles or the journaling, but with the way we created, the way our soul got involved in every step of the creative processe.

I'm very happy about this first "chapter" of our INSPIRATION TUESDAY, I hope that you will be happy about this project, that you'll want to make one for yourself too...

Have a NICE TUESDAY and see you next week for a new chapter of INSPIRATION TUESDAY!


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