Inspiration Tuesday : what is your word for 2010?

Hello everyone

How was your New Year's Eve? As you could see from my previous post, ours was one where everyone was wearing a costume :D We had to pick 3 random costumes ideas per couple, then pick one that we had to get stuck with. So Damien and I got to choose between American Indians, Obelix & Falbala (from a famous French comics) and Homer & Marge Simpsons. And as Damien is a huge fan of the Simpsons, well, yeah, you got it :)

Anyway, it was so much fun! We went to bed late in the morning and woke up early in the afternoon :D

Soooo...2010 is already here. Can you believe it? I'm getting closer and closer to my thirties. 2010 will be my last year in the twenties (will turn 29 in March) but what can I do? Nothing. I guess I have to live with it :)


This year, I am doing something that I've never done before (mainly because I know I won't be able to do it but this year is different) : I have chosen a WORD for 2010 : ORGANIZATION.

It's true that I do a lot of things and I'm pretty sure that I could possibly make things in a better way than what I actually do at the moment. Not that I want to do MORE, but I want to make BETTER. You know what I mean? I need to get make my brain more disciplined, get better with my schedule, the way I work, my priorities, my goals.

What about YOU?! What is your WORD for 2010?

For this first Inspiration Tuesday of the year, I wanted to scrapbook my word for this year : ORGANIZATION.

I dare you to make a layout about yours. Come on! You know I won't be checking your layout at the end of the year to see whether you kept on doing your main goal :D

So, first of all, this is what you'll need for this layout :

(sorry for the bad bad baaaaaad picture, the weather has been awful these days).


The design of this layout is pretty simple, it looks pretty overwhelmed but it's only because of the elements I used.

First of all, use an old credit card (avoid using your husband's, he already complains enough about your scrapbooking stash and shopping, you don't want him to be mad at you again) or a any other plastic card that you have on hands, and use it to layer the gesso on your cardstock.

Use your heat gun to make it dry faster (be sure to not to be too close with the heat fun as it might make bubbles...and not too far, in that case, it won't do anything) or use a hair dryer.

Then staple your overlay on top of your cardstock.


For the design, it's fairly simple.

Your photo (the size if up to you, mine is a 5x7) is placed on the right side (or the left side, but it all depends on the way you took the picture and what's on the pic). Then use 3 stripes of the overlay beneath and below your photo. Staple them to your background.


Then, cut two pieces of papers that are the same width as your photo. Glue them with double sided tape.


your title is placed upside down. Don't be scared to mix two different alphas, it will give texture and colors to your layout.


A little bit of masking tape on top of your photo...


Use ribbon and embellishments and ta-da!

Ok, so that hardest is not to actually make the layout, but to stick to your WORD for the whole new year ahead of you! :D I know I know, it ain't that easy but we'll be together to share our thoughts and how a paint-in-the-butt this whole 2010 word is :D

And you know, about my word...i'm the procrastinating queen, the kind of girl that keeps saying "oh yeaaaah I got tiiiiime..." and then "oh MAN!" :) So I know we can do it together :)

So, 2010 for me is getting and learning to be organized : work, friends, family, diet, exercise, go out, movies, more books, cook...but I'll try not to plan everything, I like to be surprised sometimes :)

In the meantime, I'm REALLY looking forward to this whole new year with YOU and once again, I wish a wonderful 2010! :D

See ya!

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