Are you someone who, like me, comes up with natural solutions for your loved ones so they can finally find emotional support, peace and calm, better digestion, incredibly restful sleep or boosted immune system? Do you think that essential oils can be the beginning of a change, both personal and professional, and even the beginning of some ambitious leadership? It could be exactly that! We work in the health and wellness industry, literally, and I would be honored to share this inspiring adventure with you. By teaming up with my team and myself (we do this together - you are never alone, but always surrounded and inspired by a team working together), I will be your mentor, your guide, your partner and your friend (we will also have to get to know each other, but that will come in the next step).

Want to know more about how we can work together and say YES to this incredible opportunity filled with vitality, abundance and fun?


If you are new to essential oils, if you are already using them, or if you are planning to start a professional activity with essential oils: then you have come to the right place.


How to get sarted with essential oils?

I'll tell you a secret: there's not a day I don't use essential oils. Whether it is for me, my daughter, my family + friends, but also to keep the house clean, to soothe muscles after gym or even to focus on a project. Whether it is to get a better digestive system, better sleep, emotional balance or even harmony in your home, I would always have an essential oil for you. I am passionate about what I do and I would be honored to teach you how to use them.

Well, first of all, not all essential oils are created in the same way. Indeed, according to the different brands, they are not "equal": do not waste your time with a product that has not been grown and fed in its natural environment, harvested at the best time, distilled with the greatest care and tested according to professional standards.

You want an oil that not only smells good, but does what it's supposed to do: do you good.


what are these essential oils supposed to do?

Excellent question! Essential oils are aromatic compounds that come from plants and protect you from the same environmental threats, physical and emotional discomfort and bring you comfort and well-being.

Whether you use oils for personal or professional use, I think you want to choose the purest, safest and most effective products on the planet, at least that's what I wanted to do from the beginning. So here I am. I am so proud to have made the decision to choose Young Living Essential Oils as my "official supplier" of well-being. If you already know me well enough, you know that I am a free electron, that I move everywhere and I have never felt so good in my life as now. But there were a few factors that helped me make my decision almost three and a half years ago.

1. Supply (where the plant grows) 2. Distillation (maintaining the integrity of the plant's therapeutic properties) 3. Tests (purity, absence of chemicals, toxins, fillers, weeds, contaminants).

The controls, the purity of the oils and the support of the Young Living consultants made me choose this company first to guide my family and I into a healthier lifestyle. Then, later on, onto a new professional path!



I am truly passionate about helping other women create their own adventure with Young Living Essential Oils, in order to balance their lives and have a healthier lifestyle. I would be more than happy to welcome you to my team if you want to learn more about Essential Oils, join our community and share your passion for Essential Oils! In addition to day-to-day support to develop your business and learn more about the vast world of Essential Oils, you have access to a multitude of documents to help you climb the ladder, as well as to a community of professionals who, like you, have embarked on the adventure and currently live from their activities. 

Here is the YL Annual Report which shows the smallest and highest incomes at Young Living in the USA, including the average salary.

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There are SO MANY THINGS you can do when you launch your Young Living business : meetings, online workshops or physical workshops, webinars, events, Social Media, blogging... you can do everything or choose only the activities that suit you! Know that, according to your choices, you will never be alone in setting up your activity!


1. Order your Premium Starter Kit


  • 2 free bottled applicators to prepare your mixes right away

  • a special gift to help you get organized (worth about €30)

  • a handmade travel bag in a superb modern and colourful fabric

  • hours of coaching with our leaders

  • conferences, challenges, gifts, business boot camps to help you get started quickly and efficiently

2. Register for the Essential Rewards program

To be part of our team, it is necessary to register for the Essential Rewards program.

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