The Power of Essential Oils


Why Young Living? What are the reasons I chose them over another brand? And why I decided to take the plundge and build a powerful wellness business with them?


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How I got started with Young Living

I started studying essential oils thoroughly towards the end of my pregnancy, in search of natural solutions to relieve my heavy legs and digestive issues. Before you decide to throw stones at me: yes, we can use some essential oils being pregnant. You need to know what you're doing, to be guided by your oily friend (someone like me!) and follow all the recommendations you get.

My friend Corinne Delis, whom I have known for more than 10 years now, posted several messages on her Facebook about essential oils. Everything was in Dutch, so I did not understand anything. We PMed each other and got to talk about life, kids, mompreneurship and oils.

I asked her a LOT of questions.

She told me how these oils literally changed her life: she was looking for an alternative and natural solution for one of her sons, who suffers from autism and hyperactivity. Not only did the oils accompany her son, but what convinced her was when she applied an oil to her lower back (she had been stuck for a few days). And there: pain gone. She was convinced.

So, after listening to her story, I wanted to try. I also ordered my kit. And boom. Convinced. Since then, there's not a DAY without using oils to support our bodies and immune system, we are more aware of what we eat too. Using essential oils and healthy products opened our eyes: we learn, little by little, to be responsible consumers.

Today I pay attention to what I apply on my skin, what I use to clean my house, how to relieve stuffy noses and so much more. I opened myself up on fields I completely ignored : meditation, aromacology, among others.

Get this :  these small bottles of oils have brought us much more than I would have thought. It was 2 years ago. Since then, what happend? It's my full-time job! Yep! Check the rest of the story on the right side of this page!

Why I chose to grow a Young Living business

For several reasons. We all look for our "why" when we start and I think it's very important to know why you want to outdo yourself. I had several reasons. Today, some are still present, others have disappeared.

When I purchased my Premium Starter kit in October 2016, there was no way I thought about starting the business side. To be honest, I could not, financially speaking. Well : I thought I could not. Our financial + personal situation was a nightmare : we had just closed our company, I was 7 months pregnant, Damien was unemployed, same with me (we were both co-owners of the same company), and without any income. To say this straight : life was bad. It was therefore very difficult for me to consider anything business related or investing-related. But a small voice inside me told me to JUMP right in, that it was probably the solution to get out of this negative gear, to bounce back towards a whole new horizon. I had a very complicated pregnancy emotionally speaking. Me, that tough girl, that go-getter, who has travelled all over the world, was living in a total financial insecurity in her own home. So I listened to that little voice again and I got started! In a snap. I thought about how I wanted to work (no meeting like Tupperware, everything online). There you go. The rest is history. 2 years later, I'm Gold leader with a team of more than 100 families all over Europe and the US, I've won lots of incentives (including a Caribbean cruise, trips to Vienna, Croatia ...) and this great gift when I became Silver in 4 months.

What pushed me to start is that I did not want to live in the anguish of the unpaid bill, I missed the entrepreneurship world (to be clear, I love my daughter, she is my everything but I need to have a professional life that I enjoy and feel useful). I felt that need to stand up after the storm and FIGHT. CREATE something again. And the most important : I love, and I deeply love my oils. You have no idea.

My job today? I help women who, like me, want to change, improve their daily lives with essential oils and healthy products, whether it is for their personal use, or on the professional side. The opportunity was too good to pass, and I'm happy that I got to seize it with both hands!

Follow me on Instagram : Céline Navarro and my Young Living account : Essentially Celine.

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