WOW! Finally back in the blogging world with PLANNERS!

Somebody please, don't pinch me. I know, I haven't blogged here, on my english blog, for over 8 months...shame on me. Seriously.

Life has been busy : new business career, new plans, new goals, and a baby girl who, as adorable as she is, asks for a looooot of time and attention (which I love to give her, it's just tough to balance life and work at home sometimes). Crafting has been almost non-existant but soon on the schedule so I'm happy and excited to get back to blogging because I seriously missed it!

I have new ideas/goals for this blog, not only about crafty stuff, but also about mommy things, planners, organizing, mompreneurs and more. As I grow up, so does this place. I hope you'll like it as well.

Anyway, as I'm talking about organizing my life, my work and my blog, let's talk about PLANNERS

With every pretty decision to come back on the blogging scene, I needed one planner (or even several ones... yes I know one would have been enough but I just couldn't choose!) that would allow me to organize everything.

As you know, organizing yourself as a blogger requires several strings : looking for topics that your readers might love, plan your posts, make photos, prepare posts, and then let the whole world know (or at least your faithful network) that you have a new post (which will surprise or even astonish my followers, given the recent frequency of my posts).


I've been a HUGE fan of for years and their absolutely awesome planners. Here are some pictures of the one I have been working on since last fall and my heart is broken at the thought of abandoning it at the end of the year, or even in September. 

So why did I choose 3 completely different planners? Well because, quite simply, the covers of this year's agendas are ...not pretty. At least, I don't like any of them. And I can tell you that I thought about it over and over again, thinking that the inside mattered more than the outside (just like with a human being) but nope. I need to LOVE the covers of my planners, sorry.

So I gave up and his super fun and colorful planners.


So here I am looking for one, or even two perfect planners.

I almost took the plunge with the Get To Work Book (I might end up buying it though as I love the black cover so much).

I almost ordered over at Kikki K but the shipping and customs costs freaked me out the last time I ordered from them.

I looked for planners on the crafty corner but seriously, nothing really caught my eye.

So I ordered this beautiful Northern Lights planner from Hadron Epoch to plan all of my blogging topics...

...a tiny cutey planner from Mr Wonderful to plan allof my Social Media posts.

...and gorgeous Golden Wood Co  printables (Marcy Penner's new website) for my Filofax

And of course, as I need to organize myself especially when I get to travel, I have a brand new cute pencil case made by the talented Céline in which I have my favorite Frixion pen ever and my brand new PASTEL (eek!) Stabilo pens (insert heart-eyed-emoji in here).

Which planner(s) did you choose this year? oh and would you recommend a monthly subscription to a planner kit? which one?