iTovi + Young Living = your wellness to a whole new level

Can you guess I love essential oils?

Of course, you might have read it, watched it, and you probably hate me for it, but hey, can’t help it : they’ve been so good tom y Family and I that I am going to keep on talking about them for a while! Now, I would like to tell you a little bit about something called iTovi scanner. Have you ever heard about it yet? Well, let’s see what I can tell you about it, but there’s a chance you will want one!


What is an iTovi Scanner?

An iTovi scanner is a device connected to your smartphone that sends frequencies to the body to test which essential oils and supplements your body reacts the strongest with. Let’s try to explain this : imagine your body like an onion. Ok it’s not very romantic, right? But your body is like an onion : each layer reacts to frequencies in a different way, and lets you know what your body has a response to. This is certainly not a diagnostic tool, it is not made to tell you if you are sick at all, but it can help you find out what essential oils and supplements your body might respond to the best. Want to read about ore the science behind iTovi? Check this out!

Who can be scanned?

Everyone of course! I’ve been litterally scanning every single person I meet or from y family/friends circle! It’s super easy : you can just carry your iTovi scanner in your purse, along with your business card, and if you go visit someone dear to your heart, or meet someone at the library, well BAM! There goes your iTovi, sista! It helps my people know what can be good for them, and also show those who are new to oils what they can do to them. Not easy to know sometimes how to get started with essential oils, right?


Can anybody own a scanner?

Anyone can own an iTovi scanner. If you are a wellness professional, I have to say it’s a must-have for sure! But what I truely believe is that, if you are building a business through Young Living, or any other companies that iTovi supports, you have a powerful tool in your hand : when you can go further, deeper, for your clients and for your team members, it’s totally worth investing in such a wonderful tool.

How can I buy an iTovi scanner?

That’s the easiest part, honey! You can purchase one right here. They have two easy payment options for you! The Basic option is a one time cost of $9.99for the scanner itself and then a $39.99 a month. Or you can opt for the Choice plan, which is a one time cost of $799.99 with no monthly service fee after that. Either option is a fantastic deal and a jumpstart for your business for sure!


Want to learn more about essential oils?

Well, come take one of my online classes : whether they are hosted on Facebook or through webinars, you’ll see how easy it is to choose a healthier lifestyle with essential oils! We already did almost two years ago, why not YOU?! 101 & 102 essential oils classes, beauty, babies, hormone support, how to build a business with Young Living and more : we have plenty of informations we’d love to share with you!

Simply leave a comment or fill in the form if you’d like to be invited to my upcoming classes! I’ve got on on September 7th!

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